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Theoretical Sick Day...

Hey everyone

So I seem to have come down with re-freshers flu 
#boo :(

This has really made me just want to do take to my bed and stay there until I feel better, but sadly I have have stuff to be getting on with in my life and therefore can't just give myself over to my bed for the foreseeable future. 

Having said that, here are my essentials for my theoretical sick week day that I would be having if I could :P

{all images via google}

Pillow - a sick day for me means staying in bed therefore having a pillow to snuggle is must - how cute is this one from {H&M}?!
PJ Pants - my outfit choices is the first thing to deteriorate to comfyness as soon as I get ill but seeing as I will be spending my theoretical sick day in bed no one will judge me for wearing my pjs all day :P I love these ones from {David & Goliath}?! They have little Grumpasaur dinosaurs on them!
Easy Watching - GG is my TV series of choice at the moment - easy watching to keep me entertained while I feel sorry for myself :P
Hoodie - my uni hoodie is literally the comfiest hoodie I own - comfort is key on a sick day!
Hydration - I'm usually really bad at hydrating myself through the day unless I'm sick - it's important to keep your fluids up - and this Lily tumbler would allow me to do just that but looking cute too! 
Blanket - snuggles #nuffsaid
Fuzzy Socks - there are few feelings I love more than wearing new fuzzy socks for the first time - they are just so comfy!
Lip Balm - my lips really suffer when I get sick, the EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew is my fave :)

What are your sick day essentials?

aHm xoxo