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MWIP 8/52...

Hey everyone
This week I...

...missed 'National White Shirt Day' on Monday so made up for it on Tuesday.
side note: I'm loving wearing my scarves like a sort-of necklace under collared shirts

...listened to my fave radio show ({Sphere Sounds} on {KUBE Radio} if you were interested) with Princess
side note: I tweeted this picture and both Sphere Sounds and KUBE Radio re-tweeted it - my puppy is now famous #obviously :P

...painted my nails with OPIs 'Uh-oh Roll Down The Window' as an anti-valentine - sludge green instead of pink/red - I was having an anti-commercialism moment I think :P

...found my new fave chocolate - I love the combination of sweet and savoury so this is just perfection in a bar to me!

... made some sneaky purchases of a new onesie (Valentines themed ofc), OPIs 'Koyoto Pearl', Butter Londons 'Fiddlesticks' (I was so happy to see this in the UK for the first time - thank you TK Maxx!) and some RayBan-esque tortoiseshell and black sunnies :)

... received a beautiful card and a gorgeous Yankee candle from the bf for Valentines (even though we said no presents - naughty bf!)
side note: I bought Ma a Valentines card from Princess - it said 'from the dog' on it - so cute!

...managed to get a paper cut on the back of my finger when I was putting my lecture notes back in my bag - no idea how I managed it!

...had some lovely cuddles with a sleepy Princess

...wore a silk scarf as a necklace again

...bought a whole collection of nail polish for the first time - I just couldn't choose which of the Barry M gellys I wanted so I just bought them all - I justified it with the fact that buying these means means my manicure looks basically as good as it would if I went to a salon (we'll ignore the fact that I don't ever go to a salon for a manicure anyway :P)

...enjoyed some early morning cuddles with Princess and the bf - before she jumped on his head that is :P

...had Nando's with the bf! I had my standard lemon and herb chicken breast pitta with fries and coleslaw - so good!
side note: blesh the bf for taking me here - he really isn't a fan of chicken or spicy food so basically nearly everything in Nando's doesn't tickle his taste buds at all - so grateful that he let me get my Nando's fix though :P

...enjoyed pancakes at Nam and G's on Pancake Day - I alternated between classic lemon & sugar and nutella - pancakes for tea >

...had a slight panic over how many assessments I have due in March
 #waah :(

Hope you had a great week! 

aHm xoxo