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MWIP 7/52...

Hey everyone

Here's what I got up to this week...

...I used my 'Father Christmas' bath ballistic from lush and it turned the water this awesome Kelly green colour!

...I had a blood test :( but didn't faint (even after she had to needle me in both arms!) :) 

...I finally dyed my hair (no more red creeping in - yay!) and so took #shamelessselfies #obvs

...I stocked up on my fave American candy - I'm excited to try the white Reese's and the mint M&Ms :) 

...I decided that one monogram on my folder just wasn't enough :P

...I, along with K, G, C & Princess got drawn by G in one of our lectures

...I finally ordered my Mini MAC! I went with the hot pink colour (in case that wasn't obvious :P) simply because the other two colours I was torn between (pale blue and acid yellow fyi) were sold out - I personally like to think it was fate :P

...I inadvertently bought 3 mint items all in the same shopping trip - there was just something about this dress that just told me that I needed it - I think it was the navy and mint combo 
side note: how fun is the mint and hot pink together?

...K and I created a slogan and a running joke that our RAS lecture is sponsored by the program Minitab because on every other slide the lecturer seems to mention it!

...I had quality snuggle time with this little pickle :)

...I also got scratched by the same little pickle when I tried to give her worming medication - she wasn't best please. Neither was I.

...I painted (and re-painted) my nails with Nails Inc.'s 'Haymarket' and  OPIs 'Your Royal Shine-ness' as an accent nail

...I changed my lock screen and wallpaper of all my tech to be very fitting for this lovey-dovey month :P (both Lily prints of course!)

What did you get up to this week?

aHm xoxo