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MWIP 6/52

Hey everyone

First off how is this the 6th MWIP of 2013 already?!

Anyways, this week I...

...studied with this little pickle 

...helped Princess take some selfies

...laughed at my hilarity when I set my password hint

...tried sweet tea for the first time (side note: holy macaroni I love this stuff! This re-affirms my thought that I was born in the wrong continent - I should have been born in the South :P) & tried a toasted muffin with marmite and jam - surprisingly good!

...made myself a new fb cover photo - 2 pieces of my photography, a monogram with my fave Lilly print & a Buddha quotation - I don't think this could be any more 'me'!

...enjoyed some quality chill time reading blogs with my baba

...made myself some new binder covers for this semester with the new Lilly prints - I love how these turned out even more than {these ones}!

...took a #shamelessselfie to document the crazy curls my hair was providing

...ended up being referred to the hospital for a blood test because the nurse couldn't see/feel any veins in my arms - I think I may be dead.

...enjoyed an odd lunch of pretzels and diet coke in the library at uni

...got very excited about how much I love Snapple Sweet Tea (see above)

...tried these at the cinema on date night with the bf - and loved them! I've never seen them before, they're like giant smarties but only brown and white ones and then inside them is chocolate in the opposite colour - this is a bad explanation, just look at the picture :P

....fell in love with Goldfish crackers - new fave snack! Where have these been all my life?! I just need to try the Pepperidge Farm cookies and my tasting of Pepperidge-Farm-products-that-appear-in-popular-culture will be complete :)

How was your week? Link me up with your MWIP in the comments!

aHm xoxo