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Happies & Crappies...

Hey everyone

Today I'm linking up with {the vintage modern wife} & {scissors and a whisk} again to take stock of this week in the form of my...


I had a great time on Sunday out on a day trip with the bf to an outlet park (via Wales - neither of us are very good with directions :P)

I finally had Nando's again (on said day trip with the bf) after not having one since last July - so happy to have found one close (-ish) by! 

I managed to calculate a buffer dilution all by myself for the first time on Thursday - this was a momentous occasion!

I made a cheeky purchase of the new Barry M spring/summer collection of {gelly polishes} - they are my fave! Can it just be summer now please?!

I finally understood what was going on in my stats lab this morning #yay

After saying 'no presents' for Valentine's - the bf surprised me with a gorgeous Yankee Candle - he does spoil me!

I'm going to see my absolute fave band tonight at my uni - so super excited!!!


I'm still ill - and getting worse - I've now got a ringing in one ear and it's driving me insane! And my silly doctors can't fit me in 'til next week - if I have to go the the hospital out-of-hours GP I won't be happy!

My iTunes decided to sporadically delete most of my music so I had to re-add basically everything all over again - don't ya just love technology?!

I need to clean out my car - it's a mess. But I just really hate that job :(

I'm starting to realise how quickly this semester is going by - and it's starting to panic me a tad.

Yay for my happies list being longer than my crappies one! (only just but it still counts!)

Happies>Crappies #3 on the run! :)

aHm xoxo