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MWIP 9/52...

MWIP 9/52...

Hey everyone

So this week I...

...painted my nails with Barry M's 'Prickley Pear' (the gellys have such cute names!

...was joined by Princess whilst I was studying

...finally got around to hanging up my pictures - thanks to Chloe from {the preppy diaries} for the top one - it looks perfect!

...got obsessed with photostrips - read about it {here}

...found a Freddo for only 20p so therefore had to buy it! It's a longstanding British joke that inflation can be proprtioned to how much a Freddo costs - they used to be 10p then I saw them for 60p (daylight robbery) and now 20p

...celebrated National Mint Chocoalte Day on Monday by finishing off my dark chocolate and mint M&Ms 

...painted my nails again - this time with Barry M's 'Lychee' (nude) and Nails Inc. 'the serpentine'

...had waffle fries and southern fried chicken pieces because saw chick-fil-a posts on tumblr that made me crave them so I had to make do with a British alternative - it was way yummy, definitely going to have this as a treat again! 

...had a very pretty hot cholocalte whilst out with Ma

...fell in love with these Cadbury Easter chocolate egg things - the centre is like the mousse truffle thing - literally the best thing I have ever tasted (well one of the best at the very least!)

... had an awesome bacon, tomato and mozarella sanwich for brunch with Ma

...made myself an epic dinner of date and walnut bead, pesto past, berry yoghurt and fruite pieces 

...found a very profound hipster sign

...managed to reverse my car up the drive for the first time (I never dared attempt it before - I'm not that great at reversing :P)

...bought a matching foundation with Ma - our shades are crazy different!

...got my placement portolio - it's all starting to become very real!

What did you do this week?

aHm xoxo

Latest TV Lovin'...

Latest TV Lovin'...

 Hey everyone

Why is that there is always a lull in good TV shows for a while then approx. a million great shows all come on at once?!

Anyway I thought I'd share some of my must watch telly with you all :)

Great Night Out

I loved this show! It was only 6 episodes (I think - don't quote me on that) and I've still got to get around to watching the last one but the rest of the series was hilarious! Every episode honestly has me in stitches! The series is based in Stockport and follows the general hilarity of a group of friends - what makes it resonate with me is the fact that the bf goes up to Stockport to play darts at his old local pub each week and the pub that is the local for the show reminds me of the one that the bf goes to. Beggsy is my absolute fave character on the show but all of the guys are hilarious - I really really hope a second series comes out - I'm sort of putting off watching the last episode because I don't want it to end! I'd definitely recommend giving it a watch if you fancy a bit of good British (particularly northern) humour :)

Once Upon A Time

I never really wanted to watch this show - I never understood the hype around it because I thought it was going to be some childish attempt at putting a spin on fairy stories in the modern world (I was thinking of Enchanted to be quite honest) but when I spied it on LOVEFiLM last week when I was trying to find something to watch I thought I may as well give it a go - boy am I glad I did! I am hooked - I have to limit myself to only one or two episodes a night - otherwise I will a) finish the series waay to quickly for my liking and b) end up having a OUAT marathon and not get any sleep :P The way it goes between the two worlds is seem less and the way the characters are portrayed is absolute genius! My fave is the portrayal of Snow White in the fairy tale world - I love how they haven't made her all sappy and weak - I've just seen the episode where she deals with the trolls with Prince Charming - I love how witty she is! 

Have you seen this show? Or are you late jumping on the bandwagon like I am?


I have been not so patiently waiting for this show to hit the UK and it finally has! It perfectly gives me my fix of the South now that Hart of Dixie has gone off my screen. I love the songs (especially the one from the bar in the first episode that was the poem - you know the one? It's just perfection) and the complexity of the characters. I've only seen two episodes but I'm loving it! It's made me want to visit Nashville even more than I already did before! K and I have planned that we are going to go on a road trip around the south in the summer after we graduate simply because we want to go hear the Southern accent in person :P

Are you a Nashville fan?

The Fabulous Baker Brothers

Two beautiful brothers - one can cook and one can bake - what could be better?! I honestly love these two - they are so funny with each other - you can totally see that they are brothers, they have such a brotherly rapport with each other - I love listening to them! Plus their recipes are pretty awesome - without fail I get hungry watching their show! Even if you don't find the cooking part that interesting I'd recommend just tuning in to look at them - come on - they're gorgeous! #phwoarrr - Tom (on the left) the baker is my fave - it doesn't help that he's gorgeous and I have a weakness for bread :P 

The Inbetweeners

I have been seriously against watching any of The Inbetweeners ever since I sat down to watch the movie with the bf and got offended by the amount of swearing in it within the first 5 minutes. Yet here I am finding myself loving the TV series - I blame LOVEFiLM. Yet again I found myself searching for something to watch whilst writing up my notes and thought to myself 'why not give it a go'. I got hooked. I legitimately watched the whole of the three series within one weekend. Yep, it was that addictive. Once I got past the vulgarity and the swearing the actual humour was really funny. Especially the gags about Simon's car - I was crying with laughter at these (seeing as driving isn't really my strong point either)! I have to say that I did give the US version a go after I'd finished watching the UK version but to be honest - I just didn't find it funny - possibly because it wasn't as relatable as the British one was seeing as it was set in the US :S

Have you watched The Inbetweeners? Did you think one version was funnier than the other?

Honourable Mentios - GG Season 5

I'm still working my way through GG 5 - I have phases where I really want to watch a couple of episodes but then get a bit bored and want a change - but it's nice to know it's there as an old faithful, waiting for me to return  :P I don't think I could actually love Chuck any more - he's just awesome. I despise Louis by the way - what an absolute pasty (that means nasty by the way - I choose have an odd vocab :P)

I'm always on the look out for new TV shows to obsess over so what are you watching at the moment? Let me know in the comments :)

aHm xoxo

Happies & Crappies...

Happies & Crappies...

Hey everyone

Today I'm linking up with {the vintage modern wife} & {scissors and a whisk} again to take stock of this week in the form of my...


My illness went away for a whole four days! (see crappies) and my ears are no longer ringing!

My lab is going awesome! We are one week ahead of schedule and our results are some of the best the lab tutor has seen :)

I finally got my placement portfolio - it's all becoming real! I will actually be spending 14 weeks in a proper NHS lab - it's so exciting!

I'm actually beginning to understand stats - I made it through the lab today without having to ask for help, just figuring it out on my own - who'd have thought that would ever happen?!

I've been on it this week where writing up my notes is concerned - I've only got two more lectures to write up as opposed to the usual 8 that I usually have to do over the weekend!

I had a great shopping spree with Ma today in Primarni - very happy with all of my purchases!

Ma also ended up buying me the new Naked Skin foundation from Urban Decay seeing as she was buying one for herself and saw me eyeing it - so lucky :)


I really think I've got some underlying medical (possibly immune system related) issue - seeing as I've been ill on and off since last September - too bad my doc can't figure out the same thing

It's that time again when all my courses have assessments due - so much work, so little time.

I've just been feeling really 'bleh' this week - I don't want to talk to people because I think they don't really want to talk to me; I just want to hide away in my room until I feel better (I think it's down to this illness) - it really sucks.

I missed out on winning a JCrew striped sequinned shirt of awesomeness on ebay by on 50p (it went for just £5 and I only bid £4.50!!!) - I was reminded of just why I don't bid for things on ebay.

Things are less than perfect where the bf and I are concerned. I really don't know what's going on with us and this bothers me.

Yay for my happies list being longer than my crappies one! (despite the fact that I think my crappies weigh in greater in strength if not in number compared to my happies)

Happies>Crappies #4 on the run! :)

aHm xoxo

MWIP 8/52...

MWIP 8/52...

Hey everyone
This week I...

...missed 'National White Shirt Day' on Monday so made up for it on Tuesday.
side note: I'm loving wearing my scarves like a sort-of necklace under collared shirts

...listened to my fave radio show ({Sphere Sounds} on {KUBE Radio} if you were interested) with Princess
side note: I tweeted this picture and both Sphere Sounds and KUBE Radio re-tweeted it - my puppy is now famous #obviously :P

...painted my nails with OPIs 'Uh-oh Roll Down The Window' as an anti-valentine - sludge green instead of pink/red - I was having an anti-commercialism moment I think :P

...found my new fave chocolate - I love the combination of sweet and savoury so this is just perfection in a bar to me!

... made some sneaky purchases of a new onesie (Valentines themed ofc), OPIs 'Koyoto Pearl', Butter Londons 'Fiddlesticks' (I was so happy to see this in the UK for the first time - thank you TK Maxx!) and some RayBan-esque tortoiseshell and black sunnies :)

... received a beautiful card and a gorgeous Yankee candle from the bf for Valentines (even though we said no presents - naughty bf!)
side note: I bought Ma a Valentines card from Princess - it said 'from the dog' on it - so cute!

...managed to get a paper cut on the back of my finger when I was putting my lecture notes back in my bag - no idea how I managed it!

...had some lovely cuddles with a sleepy Princess

...wore a silk scarf as a necklace again

...bought a whole collection of nail polish for the first time - I just couldn't choose which of the Barry M gellys I wanted so I just bought them all - I justified it with the fact that buying these means means my manicure looks basically as good as it would if I went to a salon (we'll ignore the fact that I don't ever go to a salon for a manicure anyway :P)

...enjoyed some early morning cuddles with Princess and the bf - before she jumped on his head that is :P

...had Nando's with the bf! I had my standard lemon and herb chicken breast pitta with fries and coleslaw - so good!
side note: blesh the bf for taking me here - he really isn't a fan of chicken or spicy food so basically nearly everything in Nando's doesn't tickle his taste buds at all - so grateful that he let me get my Nando's fix though :P

...enjoyed pancakes at Nam and G's on Pancake Day - I alternated between classic lemon & sugar and nutella - pancakes for tea >

...had a slight panic over how many assessments I have due in March
 #waah :(

Hope you had a great week! 

aHm xoxo

Happies & Crappies...

Happies & Crappies...

Hey everyone

Today I'm linking up with {the vintage modern wife} & {scissors and a whisk} again to take stock of this week in the form of my...


I had a great time on Sunday out on a day trip with the bf to an outlet park (via Wales - neither of us are very good with directions :P)

I finally had Nando's again (on said day trip with the bf) after not having one since last July - so happy to have found one close (-ish) by! 

I managed to calculate a buffer dilution all by myself for the first time on Thursday - this was a momentous occasion!

I made a cheeky purchase of the new Barry M spring/summer collection of {gelly polishes} - they are my fave! Can it just be summer now please?!

I finally understood what was going on in my stats lab this morning #yay

After saying 'no presents' for Valentine's - the bf surprised me with a gorgeous Yankee Candle - he does spoil me!

I'm going to see my absolute fave band tonight at my uni - so super excited!!!


I'm still ill - and getting worse - I've now got a ringing in one ear and it's driving me insane! And my silly doctors can't fit me in 'til next week - if I have to go the the hospital out-of-hours GP I won't be happy!

My iTunes decided to sporadically delete most of my music so I had to re-add basically everything all over again - don't ya just love technology?!

I need to clean out my car - it's a mess. But I just really hate that job :(

I'm starting to realise how quickly this semester is going by - and it's starting to panic me a tad.

Yay for my happies list being longer than my crappies one! (only just but it still counts!)

Happies>Crappies #3 on the run! :)

aHm xoxo

Happy Valentines...

Happy Valentines...

Hey everyone

Happy Valentines Day!

aHm xoxo

MWIP 7/52...

MWIP 7/52...

Hey everyone

Here's what I got up to this week...

...I used my 'Father Christmas' bath ballistic from lush and it turned the water this awesome Kelly green colour!

...I had a blood test :( but didn't faint (even after she had to needle me in both arms!) :) 

...I finally dyed my hair (no more red creeping in - yay!) and so took #shamelessselfies #obvs

...I stocked up on my fave American candy - I'm excited to try the white Reese's and the mint M&Ms :) 

...I decided that one monogram on my folder just wasn't enough :P

...I, along with K, G, C & Princess got drawn by G in one of our lectures

...I finally ordered my Mini MAC! I went with the hot pink colour (in case that wasn't obvious :P) simply because the other two colours I was torn between (pale blue and acid yellow fyi) were sold out - I personally like to think it was fate :P

...I inadvertently bought 3 mint items all in the same shopping trip - there was just something about this dress that just told me that I needed it - I think it was the navy and mint combo 
side note: how fun is the mint and hot pink together?

...K and I created a slogan and a running joke that our RAS lecture is sponsored by the program Minitab because on every other slide the lecturer seems to mention it!

...I had quality snuggle time with this little pickle :)

...I also got scratched by the same little pickle when I tried to give her worming medication - she wasn't best please. Neither was I.

...I painted (and re-painted) my nails with Nails Inc.'s 'Haymarket' and  OPIs 'Your Royal Shine-ness' as an accent nail

...I changed my lock screen and wallpaper of all my tech to be very fitting for this lovey-dovey month :P (both Lily prints of course!)

What did you get up to this week?

aHm xoxo