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TV Time...

Hey everyone

Seeing as my semester 1 exams have finished last week (woop woop) I now feel that it's acceptable to get completely sucked in to watching TV shows again - yay!

 Is it just me who gets addicted to TV shows - as in I end up watching all episodes ever made back to back #sorryimnotsorry

So I thought I'd share the TV shows that are on my 'to watch' list...


I've just started watching this (probs late on the bandwagon but heyho) - I watched the first episode just on a whim basically becasue the description wasn't very clear so I wanted to see what it is all about - ohmigosh it's awesome! It's about taking individuals personality away from them and giving them a pre-designed personality and sending them out on mission-type thingies - I'm explaining this horrendously but honestly it's an really interesting show, very thought provoking - it's right up my street because I love anything medically/scientifically ground-breaking and future possibilities.

Have you watched Dollhouse?


I'm crazy late on the bandwagon on this one but I feel like because it's such a cult fave I should watch it. I'm on episode three and to be honest I'm not really loving it - it's just not very engaging at the moment. I shall keep persevering thought. 

Is it just me the doesn't like Desperate Housewives?


Everyone and there mother is re-watching GG at the moment and I'm no exception :)


This looks super interesting - I usually hate superhero movies/TV shows (with the exception of Disneys The Incredibles) but this one sounds alright - it's the classic 'normal people who have superpowers such a shock' thing.

Ever watched this? What did you think?


Yet another classic TV show that I've never watched (pause for gasps of horror) and now that I've watched the 7 series of Grey's Anatomy available on LOVEFiLM I need another medical show to fill that void :P

Are you a Scrubs fan? 

*Honourary Mention*


I received the 2nd and 3rd series of TVD for Christmas and I'm absolutely hooked! I love love love this show! I honestly put off watching the last episode of the third series for a few days because I didn't want to run out of episodes! I literally cannot wait until the fifth series comes out on DVD because I just missed it when it was aired on TV and I refuse to watch things illegally online - no thank you #immoral. 

Are you a TVD fan? Team Damon or Team Stefan?

What TV shows are you loving at the moment? Do you have any suggestions that I should add to me 'to watch' list?

aHm xoxo