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Top Five Tuesday: Must Have Lip Products....

Hey everyone

I'm linking up Rachel from Just Peachy today - sharing my must have lip products :)

{thanks google for the images}

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (blimey - what a mouthful!) - I love everything about these - their colour pay-off, their staying power, their moisturising-ness#lovesthem. I wear 'Honey' practically every day - such a beautifully wearable colour and then I have 'Rendevouz' and 'Lovesick' to wear when I feel a little bolder :P 

MAC 'Myself' Lipstick - this was the first 'proper' lipstick I ever bought (confession: I bought the first then came home and did some googling only to find it was discontinued so I went back to and bought another one the next week just so I had one 'spare'! #sorryimnotsorry)
It's the perfect nude colour for me with just the teensiest bit shimmer - so no need for gloss #win!

Benefit Tints - I'm not really a lipstick fan because of the whole wearing off throughout the day thing they tend to do so stains are definitely the way forward for me. I have posie tint and chacha tint and I love them - I use them most of the time when I go out because I can just throw them on and then I can forget about them because they just don't budge! I do have to put Vaseline over the top of them though because I find them a tad drying :S

Lush 'Mint Juleps' Lip Scrub - This is my absolute saviour when my lips are chapped - it sorts them out so quickly! Plus it tastes amazing!

EOS Lip Balm - I adore these lip balms - they are definitely the most moisturising ones I've found - they last on my lips for so long and make them feel really protected - a must in this harsh winter the UK is experiencing right now! My fave is 'honeydew honeysuckle'.

What are your must have lip products?

aHm xoxo