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MWIP 5/52

Hey everyone
Here's what I got up to this week...

...I found these lovelies - the only reason I like seeing Easter chocolates in stores in January

... I bought my 'stats for dummies' textbook to get me through my compulsory stats module this semester - I liked it from just reading the contents :P

... I planned some blog posts

...I had snuggles with this little Princess

...I watched this on Saturday night - so good!

...Ma bought me this new bag - isn't it gorgeous?! And an absolute steal at £12

... I got a bit sick of wearing dark colours on my nails so I had a tough time deciding between these pinks

...I spent Friday night watching 'Dollhouse' and writing up lecture notes from the week

...I spent my 4 free hours in the middle of the day at uni studying in the library

...I broke out my fave plaid shirt and RL vest for one of the days at uni 

...I thought pickle looked so darn cute lying off the end of my bed waiting for Ma :P

What did you get up to this week?
aHm xoxo