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MWIP 4/52...

Hey everyone

This week I...

...got new mugs - how cute are they?!

...found out that my puppy loves the pompoms on my dressing gown

...finally figured out {pinterest} - and subsequently am now slightly addicted

...stocked up on diet coke just in case the snow hit really bad 
#priorities #addicted

...bought Princess a new coat - how cute?!

...revised for my my final final exams with the help of diet coke and Mr chocolate Santa's head

...woke up to snow on the ground

...was excited about the snow for approx. half an hour

...took some pretty pictures of the garden in the snow

...watched Princess have her first experience of snow - it was hilarious!

...played out in the snow with Princess seeing as she was too excited to even think about going inside without running around the whole of the garden 

...{tweeted} excessively (so apologies if you follow me!) about the snow and how it affected me getting to uni for my final final exam 

 What did you do this week?

aHm xoxo