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MWIP 3/52...

Hey everyone

This week I...

...fell in love with the hedgehogs on the feet of my new onesie

...got confused as to what my extreme shorthand notes from a lecture meant 

Side note: for those interest it was the coagulation pathway #biomedprobs :P

...bought myself a new tumbler from TK Maxx  - I'm obsessed with tumblers; I just can't pass them up!

Side note: I may or may not have bought this because it reminded me of a tumbler that my goddaughter has that I always think is so cool because the straw pops up like this one does #itsthelittlethings My goddaughter isn't even two yet so I'm unsure as to what this says about me but heyho #sorryimnotsorry

...couldn't stop laughing when I saw Princess in her new Pack-a-Yap (like pac-a-mac! I thought this was hilarious!)

...wore my bobble hat inside because I was freezing when I was revising because I choose to revise in the coldest part of my house because it makes me concentrate more 

...couldn't resist snapping this picture before Princess went for a walk in the rain - so cute!

...finally managed to memorise the coagulation pathway #yayme

...laughed when my iPod played two versions of the same song back to back whilst on shuffle

...finally read 'Looking for Alaska' after seeing this quotation literally all over tumblr - loved it!

...broke out these beauties for the first time to deal with the snow (questionable) this week :) In my mind they remind me of bean boots and seeing as I can't find bean boots in the UK these will do nicely :)

If anyone has any thoughts on how to style these (or bean boots) then please let me know :) I'm struggling for inspiration :S

...planned two outfits for my exam on Monday seeing as the weather-people were saying that it was going to snow but to varying degrees so I decided to cover the possible weather variants :)

I hope y'all had a great week :)

aHm xoxo