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MWIP 1/52...

Hey everyone

Back by popular demand today is my favourite feature - My Week In Pictures. One of my {2013 resolutions} is to post an MWIP for every week this year so here's to number 1 of 52 :)

I swear she thinks she a toy puppy - what IRL puppy sits like this?! 

I rang in the new year with a delicious fillet steak at Nam & Gs

Sadly all of this revision is just for 1 module :( 10 days to go before my first exam :(

I spent my revision break yesterday afternoon watching The Princess and the Frog #newfave (another one knocked off my {disneyfilmchallenge} by the way) with a cup of tea in my new Minnie mug - you don't even want to know how difficult this is to drink out of! 

Colourful revision makes me happy :) Well as happy as revision can make me :P

I started off my 'Jar of Happiness' project :)

I received this CD for Christmas because Ma knows just how much I love musical theatre and I can safely say that it has been playing non-stop on my iPod since!

P.S. if you fancy sharing your week in pictures then just grab the button from my sidebar << and post the link to your post in the comments :) 

aHm xoxo