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It's Snowing: Outfits...

Hey everyone

Seeing as it has been snowing for most of the evening tonight we're expected to get up to 10 inches of snow tomorrow (well that's what the journalists are reporting so I'm expecting a whole lot less than that!) I've been thinking about outfits appropriate for the snowy weather - I always find dressing for the snow a struggle because it's always so cold outside but boiling when you go inside!

Anways, I thought it'd be fun if I shared some of my snow day outfits with you all  - with my formula of ^^

jacket, tank top (layering is key!), hoodie, leggings, thick socks, beanie, fingerless gloves, duck boots

I will probably be wearing a variation of this outfit to my exam tomorrow (wish me luck?!) - albeit it's not the most stylish outfit in the world but for an exam or having a snowball fight it does the job nicely :)

plaid shirt, jeans, arm warmers, infinity scarf, jacket, wellies

This is another super easy outfit - but I do think this plaid shirt and jeans make it look a tad more put together than leggings and a hoodie whilst still being really comfy :)

leggings, infinity scarf, ugg boots, hoodie, fingerless gloves, tank top, beanie

I love wearing bright coloured hoodies in the dreary weather - it just cheers me up immensely!
tee, pearls, wellies, jeans, infinity scarf, leather jacket

I had to include an outfit with these amazing duo chrome hunters - aren't they beautiful?! Seeing as this outfit isn't really very warm I'd probably wear this going out to lunch with the girls or to a shopping centre or something - cute and still snow appropriate:)

pjs, slippers, fuzzy socks, blankie, popcorn

This is my personal favourite - and probably the way I would spend every snowy day if given the choice :P

What's your typical snow day attire?

P.S. this is my first real outfit planning post (I blame pinterest - I've got the bug!) and I was wondering if you liked these types of posts? I'd love to do some more if you think that'd be fun to read?

aHm xoxo