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Happies & Crappies...

Hey everyone

I saw this linkup over on Amy's {love and hot chocolate} and thought it perfect for helping me to take stock of this crazy week - just what I need! So today I'm linking up with {the vintage modern wife} & {scissors and a whisk} for my...


I managed to get through my first week of spring semester without any major issues or breakdowns

I've narrowed down my choices for next years lab project - so exciting! I cannot believe that I'm going to be in my last year of uni so soon!

I've kept up with my promise to myself that I will revise weekly rather than leaving it all to a couple of weeks  before the exams - mainly because I will be on placement before my next lot of exams so will have no time to revise madly then!

Princess has successfully learnt how to sit on command - at three months I feel that's pretty good (plus she isn't the brightest button on the cardigan if you get what I'm saying - blesh her)


I'm super exhausted after this week - and it wasn't even a full week of uni! I have two 9ams starting this week!

It's snowing. Again. After a week of snow - I'm really rather tired of it now.

Tomorrow is being dedicated to writing the assessment I have due in on Monday - we've only been back at uni a week but apparently we've learnt enough to be assessed on.

My laptop is dying. Like literally it cannot be unplugged from the mains otherwise it will just die. Le sigh.

I think I'm developing a cold or flu or something - at any rate I don't feel 100%

I have to have a blood test next week to confirm immunisation for my placement and I'm already getting worked up over it :(

Boo for my crappies list being longer that my happies one :( 
I will have to try to rectify this for next week!

aHm xoxo


  1. Your laptop sounds just like mine! You unplug it and not even 5 minutes later its dead. If it decides it needs to restart itself you can count on a couple of hours before it's back up and running. Oh the joys of first world problems.
    Stopping by from the link up.

  2. Good job teaching Princess how to sit on command! Teaching tricks can definitely be a pain in the rear.


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