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First Day of Classes - Spring Semester 2013...

Hey everyone

So today is my first day of classes of the Spring semester. Today I'll be enduring enjoying four hours of lectures, 2-4pm 

I am definitely not ready for Christmas break to be over already :(

However, to cure my going-back blues I will be dressing in one of my fave outfits...
plaid shirt, skinny jeans, riding boots, quilted vest, Barbour jacket, longchamp

Sadly this semester is gonna be a busy one - I've got my placement to get ready for, I have 5 modules to study for and I'm gonna have to revise for my exams as I go along seeing as my Easter break will be taken up with my placement - I can't believe I'm having to think this far ahead! It's crazy!

So the inspiration for this semester is....

Here's to a great Spring semester :)

How's your semester going?

aHm xoxo