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An Unusual Sight...

Hey everyone

* DISCLAIMER: I'm not really sure where this post is going but I just had to vent about this so my apologies*

So Ma and I decided to go shopping a couple of days ago - we had an awesome time; I ended up finally picking up a fur vest and finding a plaid shirt that I didn't hate so all was well. That was until we were walking back to the car when we saw a homeless man sat in the door way of an empty shop just trying to escape the cold. He was sat huddled up in a blanket, hiding his face with the hood of his jacket and just generally looking so forlorn that my heart just went out to him. Now I know that there are obviously homeless people out there but this was the first time that I had seen one in my local town not just in a city - I was shocked that there was such a problem with homelessness in my town. 

Both Ma and I decided that we just had to do something to help him - we were just unsure of how to go about it. Was it rude to give him some money seeing as he wasn't asking for it? Would buying him a Costa coffee seem extortionate and insulting? If we gave him money would he just spend it on drugs/alcohol? Did he even want any help? 

We eventually settled on the fact that even though he wasn't asking for help - he needed something and we needed to do something to help (if only for our own piece of mind). So we went to the store, bought him some lunch and went to give it to him. When we got there though he had left. 

Well Ma and I don't give up that easily so we went in the charity shop next door to where he had been as asked if they had seen him. They said that he had just been moved on to somewhere else but he goes back every day. So Ma asked if they could give him the lunch we had brought him and I was disguste when then answered that they couldn't be seen to be encouraging him because he might come into the shop. How can they call themselves a charity?!

After refusing to be of any really use they told us where he could be so Ma and I walked around and eventually found him. Ma just walked up to him and gave him the bag - he looked up and said "really oh that's so kind of you love". Now all that was in the bag was a sandwich, some water, a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar - nothing earth shattering but it obviously made an impact on him. 

He certainly made an impact on me. His clean-shaven face and polite tone showed that he took pride in himself and evidently was just a slave to circumstance that had led him to be homeless. Seeing him so soon after Christmas (when I was so spoilt by my lovely family and friends) really made me feel so lucky and realise that we are all a slave to circumstance - none of us know what will come around the corner. God forbid but we could end up losing everything and becoming homeless - wouldn't you be grateful for some lunch if you were in that position?

Basically I just wanted to write this post just to say how much this little event on one afternoon really made me think and remember that there are people around us that sometimes need a little help.

aHm xoxo