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A Momentous Occasion...

 Hey everyone

So first off - apologies for this post - it's more of a documentation post for me rather than anything particularly interesting blogging-wise but heyho I wanted to post about this anyways so #sorryimnotsorry and it' probably gonna be a long post too :P

Anyways, one of my {2013 Resolutions} was to starting 'saying yes'. This basically means that I want to try and break out of my comfort zone and start to just grasp every possible experience I can without letting my insecurities get in the way and cause me to miss out on some pretty great times. So with this in mind I decided that last Friday I would go to watch my absolute fave local band play a gig - now I know this in itself isn't out of the ordinary but the catch was that I would have to go on my own. Yeh - I spy a problem.

Now, due to me having to make this resolution to myself I'm pretty sure that you can guess that I'm not the sort of person who just goes out to places on me own (confession: I even ask Ma to come with me to go get petrol because otherwise it'll be a traumatic experience), not the movies, not a coffee shop - just no. Usually I'd go to a gig with my uni buddies (mainly because I've converted them to loving this band too!) or if not I would drag my home buddies (by this I mean my buddies from home - I'm not trying to be gangsta I promise) but my home buddies had already left to go back to their unis and my uni buddies hadn't come back yet so I had a predicament - did I miss seeing my fave band in my fave venue just because I had no one to go with - or would I just take a deep breath, accept this as fate giving me an opportunity to fulfil my resolution and just go. 

So after a load of uhmming and aahhing I figured that I could meet some of my buddies that I knew from backstage there who were going later so I said yes. I will admit that even on the drive there I was trying to talk myself out of it but I made it to the venue, bought myself a ticket and walked inside - on my own (a big deal for me!). 

I cannot say how glad I am that I went - I had the most awesome night ever! After I got over my initial awkwardness of standing at the side on my own I really started to enjoy myself. The band {My Dinosaur Life} were incredible as always! They played some of my absolute faves and I got to hear one of their newest songs live for the first time - the drum beat is just indescribable - it's perfect.

Anyway back to documenting the night - after their set had finished the lead singer saw me and came over to say hi (which was amazing in itself) and ask where everyone one else was (he was impressed that I'd turned out on my own #dedicatedfan) so we chatted for a bit and he gave me a free CD for supporting them (awesome!) then he introduced me to the rest of the hardcore MDL fans and the rest of the band which was lovely! I ended up realising that a one of my distant friends was there so we were chatting and the band was like "how do you two know each other" and we had to explain that we met via my friend seeing as he is one of her exes #slightlyawkward but anyways turns out that he got the only black CD the band had produced #sojel #superfantreatment :P 

When my lot arrived I went and stood chatting with them and then as I was leaving I obviously went to say bye to the band and to my surprise I got a hug from Scott (lead singer dude)! #bestillmyfangirlingheart - not gonna lie I was seriously fangirling so hard because, as you know if you follow me on twitter I tweet the band literally every week - especially during my uni buddies radio show {Sphere Sounds} (Friday on KUBE radio if anyone's interested #shamelessplug)!