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Hey everyone 

Here's MWIP for this week - I've been experimenting with the F.Maker.HD app on my iPod to combine multiple photos as I had a fairly picture heavy week this week :)

We went to New Brighton on Saturday for Nam's birthday and I happily spent most of the day photographing the scenery - these are my favourite shots of the day :)

Nam's chosen birthday meal was the British classic Fish & Chips - seriously these fish were more like whales than cod!

Whenever I wear these out of the house I always get asked if they are slippers - no they are not! But they almost are :P Fabulous if you are having one of those comfy days and you feel like wearing your slippers out of the house :)

  • Confession: I had another Starbucks hot chocolate -this time with cinnamon - it was beaut! and a marshmallow twizzler was a must after how yummy it was last time! 
  • The hedgehog was my Nam's birthday cake - how cute is he?
  • I had my first ice cream of the year at Parkgate - mint choc chip - yum! It was so surreal becuase Parkgate is famous for its ice cream so literally everyone was walking around with an ice cream - it was like an advert was being filmed or something, haha!
  • I picked up a hot chocolate with a shot of hazelnut from Costa while I was in town the other day - it's just like Ferrero Rocher in drink form - lovely!

I was feeling nostalgic so I may or may not have worn my Back to the 80s crew shirt to uni this week #don'tjudge

I am obsessed with Vespas and saw this massive group of them when we were in new Brighton - I just managed to snap a pic - love it!

Confession: I may or may not have picked up another Costa on my way to uni. I had lectures from 9-12; it was all I could do to motivate myself to actually turn up!

Hope you all had a lovely week :)
aHm xoxo

Top 5 Tuesday:Vacations...

Top 5 Tuesday:Vacations...

Hey everyone  

Today I'm linking up with Rachel @ Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday: Vacations! Now, I don't know if it's just me - but I am beyond ready for spring/summer now - and with those seasons comes a vacation - yay!

To be perfectly honest I haven't really travelled as much as I would have like due to the fact that we have a villa in Spain so we spent practically every holiday there - which was awesome don't get me wrong but it didn't really satisfy my wanderlust much. So I'm going to be including some of my fave places that I've been to and some that are on my list to visit in the (hopefully near) future :)

1) Spain: This was the vacation spot of my childhood - literally every holiday was spent their; it now feels like home-from-home! I can't say how much I love this resort: for a start the weather is awesome (what more do you need, haha?!), the golf facilities are bar-none - seriously the best I have seen (the South course is my fave because the 18th hole is right in front of the Hotel Principe Felipe, but the North course definitely has the best views!) I love how self-contained it is, literally you don't need to go off site if you don't want to - the restaurants are all lovely (Casa Victor is my personal fave, we may or may not have ate at that restaurant 7/14 nights on one holiday!). I'd definitely recommend this destination to any golf/sport lovers or anyone who just wants to chill out in the sun in luxury for a while!
View of the resort
Ma trying to be artistic with her photo taking :P
View of one of the golf courses

The bf & I outside the hotel for New Year '09

2) Egypt: I went on a Nile Cruise in Egypt a couple of years ago and I ended up leaving with a mixed view :S I loved the actual cruise itself, the staff on the boat were all lovely and very accommodating  and the history side of the holiday was awesome - we toured so many temples and visited The Valley of the Kings (our Egyptologist guide was the best! - my fave moment of the trip was when we went on a little boat and Bob (the egyptologist) pulled me up to the edge to do the classic Titanic pose - hilarious (if a little scary!) but unfortunately Ma was in charge of the camera so all I have to remember the moment by is a picture of my feet!) and I am really interested in Egyptian history so the trip was amazing for me. Ma however was not so interested in the history side of things but she loved chilling on the boat in the sun. My only problems with this was that it was waaay too hot (note: don't go in July unless you want to melt!) and also every time we left the boat traders would just come up to you and start badgering you to buy things - I found it a little uncomfortable and intrusive if I'm honest. But overall, it was a really good 'once-in-a-lifetime' trip :)

First Day - what you can't see is the load of
people trying to hassle me into buying
stuff to the left - which is why I'm so tense haha
Egyptian night - hilarious!
3) Poland: I went to Poland with high school and it was such an interesting holiday; I'd never really thought of going to Poland for a vacation - I don't know why, but I'd definitely go back! The main focus of the trip was obviously to visit the concentration camps and learn more about the holocaust so that made the trip incredibly memorable and moving. I honestly didn't think that I'd be as affected as I was - it was definitely a life-changing experience and one I think everyone should take part in. We stayed in Krakow and did lots of classic tourist-y things; we visited a salt mine which was pretty awesome because there's an entire church made of salt that you can actually get married in (pretty awesome!). We also saw the Krakow dragon - this statue thing that we breathes fire. Krakow would definitely feature on my list of places to visit again - I'd like to go back and tour things on my own; you know, without the constraints of being in a school group. 

The streets of Krakow
The Krakow Dragon

4) New York: I've wanted to visit NY City for as long as I can remember. I just think that it's one of those places you have to visit in your lifetime; to window shop on Fifth Avenue, have a picnic in Central Park, sit on the steps of the Met with a takeout coffee (living out Gossip Girl haha), go to Grand Central,.....There's a million things I want to do when I eventually go to NYC!

5) Charleston: For some reason, last summer I got obsessed with the South - the places, the style, the music, just everything! Now it was hard decided whether to add Charleston or Louisville to this list but Charleston clinched in simply because of the architecture and landscape - it just looks perfect in every way! I'd love to go and visit Middleton Place, wander around the Kingstreet shopping district and chillax at Folly Beach :)

Have any of you been to Charleston or NYC - is it really as awesome as I think it is? Where's your fave vacation destination?
aHm xoxo



Hey everyone 

It's Wednesday again - if you ask me this week has gone crazy fast, not that I'm complaining! Only a short MWIP today, for some reason I've not been in a picture-taking mood this week, but here's the ones I did take....

I've been spending lots of time being productive this week - I think the colour coding helped, haha! Seriously though, not having my laptop for the last few weeks (this is the last time I will mention it, I promise) has definitely helped me to establish what my learning style is - printed notes that I can highlight and add notes too - I am definitely not a 'take all the notes whilst the lecturer is speaking' kind of learner - my notes ended up looking like an absolute train wreck - glad to be back to normal now :)

So, I may or may not have accidentally matched my headband to my plaster at some point this week #don'tjudge

To be honest, I spent most of my week (when I wasn't at uni) holed up in my room - I've not been feeling my usual self this week so decided that shutting myself away to get over it was the best move.

I was feeling in a picture-taking mood #sowhat

This nail colour (OPI Blue My Mind) is literally the first colour which I have put straight back on again after removing it - totally obsessed!

Hope you all had a lovely week :)
aHm xoxo

Pancake Day...

Pancake Day...

Hey everyone 

So it's Pancake Day again (wow - is it just me or has that come round really fast this year?!). For some reason last year we didn't celebrate Pancake Day and I never really like having pancakes any other time of the year so I made sure that this year I had my pancake quota! 

Ma & I decide to go down to my Nam & G's this evening - because we love an excuse to spend time with them and as family but mainly because my Nam is the best cook ever!

G tried his hand at pancake making - not too shabby!

Ma's attempt was not exactly successful :P

Here's my attempt...
As batter in the pan...

First flip...

Okay okay so Nam had to flip it for me because my whole family knows I'm somewhat co-ordinationally challenged...

The finished product: classic lemon juice and sugar filling - beaut!

What's your fave pancake fillings?! Hope you all had a fab Pancake Day :)
aHm xoxo



Hey everyone 

My apologies for this weeks MWIP being a day late - I got my laptop back just last night and had the intention of writing this post yesterday but it turns out that it was not meant to be; the people who had fixed my laptop for me had changed literally all of my settings so I spent last night getting everything back the way I wanted -  what can I say? I'm very particular about my laptop and how I like things on it! So, here's this weeks MWIP:

Here's another England weather pic for you - again is was majorly foggy the other night; Ma called it 'Jack the Ripper weather'!

I had been badgering the bf for a good couple of weeks to take me to see The Woman in Black, so we decided to go last Friday because we both had the afternoon off. To be honest it was not at all what I expected - it was ridiculously freaky!! I did not think it was going to be that scary because it's only a 12A but boy was I proved wrong! Safe to say that I will not be purchasing this film on DVD when it is released. Having said that it was super nice to actually have a date night with the bf because we've become really lazy recently, like we just stay in watching movies or TV so we've decided to start going out more together, it's gonna be so much easier now that we can both drive now too :)

This was me at half 10 on Saturday night. I was supposed to be going out with my friends to town for some drinks because it was L's birthday but I just wasn't feeling it. I hated every item of clothing in my wardrobe, my hair just wasn't going right and I was just in a bit of a funk. I ended up still going out at half 9 as planned, picked my friend up, met everyone at the pub but as soon as we sat down and everyone else just started chatting away I just thought 'what am I doing here' - I just didn't wanna sit there and pretend to be all happy when I really wasn't feeling it so I just ended up excusing myself and making a swift exit. I did feel terrible for running out on L's birthday celebrations like that but sometime you just have to be a little selfish and put yourself first. So I got home put on my pj's, decided to be a rebel and not take my make up off (jeez, I regretted that in the morning - panda eyes much?!) and just read a little - just chillaxed.

The JW Spring Handbook arrived this week - I am lusting over practically everything! One thing I really love is how they provide these outfit inspirations - these could totally be recreated on a smaller budget (as mine now is!) but they will still look so classy. 

New fave drink: Mango Iced Tea - I was feeling in the summer mood this week so decided to give this a try. It was yummy and will have to serve as my on campus substitute for Costa Raspberry Iced Tea.

This was the front of the Valentines card I gave the bf - I'm not really into massively soppy cards and I just thought that this one was so unique and adorabubble, I couldn't resist!
Side note: I was so pleased when I posted this on tumblr and saw that it had gotten 27 notes - woop!

I was feeling nautical on Wednesday when I spent the afternoon shopping and having lunch with Ma. Cue, pearls, navy & white striped shirt, skinny jeans, moccasins and this gorgeous silk nautical print scarf (haul coming soon!) 

I'm not feeling to chipper today, I think I'm coming down with a cold so I'm going to treat myself tonight with a hot bath and this beauty from Lush - it's the Frog Prince Ballistic.

This a last minute addition to this week's MWIP - the bf just turned up as I was about to post this with some flowers and choccie to cheer me up - how cute?!

PS. I will be back to posting waay more regularly now that my laptop is back (yay!) and there will be some hauls coming this way very soon!
aHm xoxo

My Week in Pictures...

My Week in Pictures...

Hey everyone 

Wednesday = MWIP = happy Belle :)

So, this was how ridiculously foggy it was on Monday - crazy right?!

K (formerly known as London), G (formerly known as Yorkshire), C (formerly known as Cambridge) & I may or may not have spent our 4 hour break on yesterday making 'modern art' - I posted it on tumblr and it go a couple of reblogs so we now class ourselves as 'established artists' haha :)

I finally figured out a way to wear my hair up without it looking too scruffy - yay me :)

These are my ultimate new fave snacks! To be honest, I'm not a big fruit lover but these are yummy! I initially thought that they would just taste like apple flavoured cardboard (I didn't have very high expectation obviously, lol) but I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted them - they taste like actual apple, as in you can taste the apple fibres as if you were eating a 'normal' apple. Definitely going to have to pick some more of these up, next on my list to try are the mango ones-  yum!

I saw this quote on tumblr the other day and I loved it! I may start collecting quotes like this, editing them like so then print them out and frame them for my room - decorating ideas, yay :)

I was definitely in Ma's good books this week - she found this ice cream at Aldi and mistook it for Ben & Jerry's - it turns out is tastes just like B&J phish food (only with monkey shapes instead of fish shapes) but only costs like half the price - #win

The bf and I had a Starbucks date this week; I had a caramel hot chocolate with a marshmallow twizzler - it was lush!

Finally, I was researching my microbiology proforma (thank goodness it's over with now - seriously was the hardest piece of work I've had to do so far at uni :( don't you just hate it when the lecturer set questions on stuff you've never even heard of, let alone studied?!) and I came across this pic (points for getting the joke) and it made me chuckle. What can I say, I'm a science geek at heart :P

Hope you all had a good week :)
aHm xoxo

Top 5 Tuesday: Most Worn Items

Top 5 Tuesday: Most Worn Items

Hey everyone  

Today I'm linking up with Rachel @ Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Most Worn Items - this was so hard to narrow down!

1) Bracelets: As you can see I am a mahussive fan of bracelets! I usually wear a combination of bracelets every day (well, every day that I'm not in a lab - the curse of a studying science is the lab rules) - today I was having a bit of a hipster day so hence the mass of leather bracelets and rubber band bracelets - all very colourful :)

2) Earrings: I swear I cannot go a day without earrings! Literally, I am always playing with my earrings when I'm bored/nervous so I notice straight away if I'm not wearing any. These three are my most worn: pearls (obvs), Tiffany heart tags & Tiffany round studs.

3) Hoodies: Alot of people may thing I am crazy for including hoodies in this but honestly I am a huge wearer of hoodies - so much so that I may or may not have a whole shelf in my wardrobe dedicated to them. I feel like hoodies are just necessary in one's wardorbe - they are so comfy and cosy - perfect when you want a slouchy day!

4) Jeggings: What can I say? They combine my too favourite types of trousers; leggings and jeans - what's not to love? Jeggings have rapidly become a staple in my wardrobe but I am still searching for that ever-elusive 'perfect pair'; you know the one - not too thin, not to thick, not too stretchy, not too bedazzled....etc... Does anyone know where you can get the perfect pair of jeggings? 

5) Gillet: I've wanted a gillet for such a long time but I couldn't find one that I really liked anywhere (gutted). I looked at JW ones but they were all too puffy - I just wanted one that I could put over a hoodie or jumper when it was a bit cool out and would make me feel like a snowman (not too much to ask, right?!) And this Joules one arrived from Santa last Christmas (well done Ma!) and I love it! It's perfect! I love the neutrality of the maroon and I love how it matches my wellibobs (they would've been a fave but I already had 5 so they had to get an honorary mention somewhere!) And how awesome is the lining? I love how the royal blue contrasts with the maroon and the gold just pops!

What are your most worn items?

On a side note: I've finally finished my microbiology proforma thanks to this post being my incentive - yay!
aHm xoxo