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Puppy Day...

Hey everyone

Yes, yes I know this is my third post today but it just couldn't wait another day!

So if you remember back to {this post} from last week - well, we were supposed to be picking her up today but I came from uni yesterday (really stressed after having to drive home in crazy fog might I add) to find this little pumpkin had made herself at home...

isn't she adorabubble?! She's loving it here :)

Ma and I went out last week to buy some puppy essentials - yep everything is pink #sorrynotsorry

We got her a little pink diamante collar (with matching lead :P) (even though it's too big for her just yet) and her name tag :)

She had loads of fun playing with her squeaky lollipop...

...and her banana split...

...and her mini rope! She's a right little tiger with this one - so ferocious :P 

But then she got tired and had to have a nap...

...and then some snuggles of course :P

I have to say as cute as she is she isn't half noisy! I literally had about 1 1/2 hours proper sleep last night and the rest was just cat-napping because she wouldn't settle in her bed on the floor so I ended up having her on the bed next to me (such hardship :P)

Todays task is to start getting her used to her crate - she hates it - she just cries whenever we put her in there!  #blesh

Do you have any tips on puppy training for me - I'd love to hear them so leave them in the comments!

aHm xoxo

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  1. You got a puppy! I love her, she's ADORABLE! Congrats to you and your mum :)

    Our dog cried in her crate for the first few nights we had her, but after that she stopped. So it gets better, don't worry! She's probably just scared, being in a new place and surrounded by new people.


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