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MWIP Returns - Princess Edition...

Hey everyone

So MWIP has been absent from my blog for a little while but fear not (I know y'all were dreafully worried about it not being featured and anxiously awaiting it's return :P)  - it's back!

Seeing that as of today Princess has been officially moved in with up for a week (it feels like she's been here forever!) and I've obviously been going crazy taking pictures of her that I want to share with you all I thought I may as well kill two blog posts with one stone and do a combined MWIP and Princess-picture-athon a.k.a -

MWIP - Princess Edition! Enjoy :)

She makes studying rather difficult... 

...but she loves being 'helpful' and controlling the mouse for me :P

I can't believe how tiny she looks here!

She was very comfy when we had a lazy Sunday morning in bed :)

She was feels so sorry for herself after she had her first injection on Monday :( That thing to the left by the way is one of my socks that she has commandeered - she loves socky :P

Avid readers (haha!) may remember that I made this feature a link up for my 1 year blogaversary so I'd love for you to grab the button above, link up with me below and share your 'MWIP' with your readers!

Hope y'all had a fab week and are coping with the stress of nearing the end of the semester without too many problems :)

aHm xoxo