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In ____ Years Time...

Hey everyone

I'm doing the Get To Know Me Link Up from Elizabeth over at {Moonlit Goodbyes} for the month of November - so here's the next instalment...

Day #22 - Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years? - I'm a massive believer in positive visualisation so I like to plan out my life and where I want it to go on a pretty regular basis; there is no room for negativity in my life!

In 5 years time I'll be... 24 
I will have finished uni by then so I'd like to have passed my degree with a good degree grade
I'd like to be starting off my career in a path lab of a hospital
I'd love to still be with the bf - maybe engaged by then? (Tiffanys *hint hint*)/
I'd like to be living in my own place - well my childhood home just without Ma :P
I'd like to still be blogging :D
I'd like to be as happy as I am now.

In 10 years time I'll be... 29
I'd like to be either married or at least committed in some way to the bf
I'd like to have travelled more
I'd like to be settled into my career and making my way towards a specialism 
I'd like to have a fur baby (or two...or three :P)
I'd like to be as happy as I am now.

In 15 years time I'll be... 34 
-(this seems light years away!)
I'd like to do some sort of research in my field (and maybe end up with a Nobel Prize :P)
I'd like to have adopted a child
I'd like to be as happy as I am now.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Check in tomorrow to read about my hobbies :)

aHm xoxo