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TV Love #2...

Hey everyone

I've posted a couple of times now about what my current TV obsessions are (here and here) and because most of those have now finished (*le sob*) and with new shows starting my TV show preferences have changed so I though I'd share my current TV Loves with y'all :)

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You know it's autumn when Downton comes back on the TV :) It's become a Sunday night ritual between Ma and I. I love this show - I love the historical aspect, I love Mary and Matthew, the Dowager Countess is just too awesome! We just watched episode five and ohmigosh I can't even - I'm not gonna give any spoilers away but good grief it was a killer! 

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This show starts tonight and it's supposed to be a comedy about modern day witches in Camden and Kensington - I figured it might be worth a shot considering all of the vampire/wolf shows out there at the moment! So I'll let you know what I think about it after!

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I stumbled across this on LOVEFiLM and thought I'd give it a shot - I cannot believe I never watched this before! I am obsessed - I've nearly finished the first series in a week!! And I'm loving the fact that I can watch lots of episodes without having to wait for a new series! Anyone else get annoyed with having to wait for new series?!


The new series of MIC starts again tonight too - I'm a sucker for this reality programme! I'd love to live in Chelsea with these guys - especially Jamie - love him!

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With my new Sherlock Holmes obsession going on I had to buy the series! Despite there only being 3 two hour episodes in each series I'm loving the modern adaptation of the classic stories - especially seeing as I've read most of the stories it's so cool to see them interpreted a different way. And it doesn't hurt that Benedict Cumberbach's voice is beautiful and he plays the eccentricities of Holmes so perfectly!
 I think I want to watch Elementary (if I can find it online) - have any of you seen it? Is it any good?

What are your TV obsessions this fall?
aHm xoxo