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Study Tips - Part 2...

Hey everyone

So not american girl suggested a couple of posts back that I should do a Study Tips post and as it turns out I have quite a few so I decided to split this post into two so here's part 2 of my tips...

4. Study Guides - I revise by writing out information so I make study guides for myself for each module - I write out the lecture slide and then incorporate the additional notes I took in the lectures (see point 2.) so then all my info is in one place and I can use them to find the extra important parts which I then make into cue cards (see point 7.) 

This year I decided to use a notebook to keep my study guides in rather than loose leaf paper so that it is all contained in one place. Also, I like it when everything is colour coordinated - notebook, highlighter, pens :P

5.Time - I used to be guilty of leaving all my revision for each module until I had finished the whole course ie. scarily close to my exams but it was alright because I worked pretty well under pressure (thankfully!) and then I would have to do all the revision for one module before moving onto the next - now this was definitely not the best use of my time! So this year I plan on doing my main revision (ie making study guides) as I go along after each lecture therefore it won't be a massive cram before my exams! Also make sure that you organise your time wisely - don't leave assessments to the last minute (thankfully I've never done this!) and even if it's just a class test make sure you leave enough time to study for it - not just the morning before!

6. Study Aids - If there's diagrams I need to learn then you can bet that I have drawn them out and have them on my wall throughout the semester! Or if there's vocab I need to remember then I have them on post-its stuck around my room. I especially like putting them around my mirror because I look at them absentmindedly when getting ready in the morning so then the info sinks in without much work #win!

7. Cue Cards - I'm a firm believer in using cue cards (flashcards) to revise. For all my exams I always make myself a set of cards to run through - I retain information by reading and repeating so these are the best way for me to do so because they are easy to quickly shuffle through and it makes me break down my revision so I don't get all confused if there's a lot of info for me to learn :) You can bet that at any time during the semester I have a stock of cue cards on hand!

I hope that this may have provided some alternative ways for you to study :) What are your top study tips?

aHm xoxo