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Study Tips - Part 1...

Hey everyone

So not american girl suggested a couple of posts back that I should do a Study Tips post - and as it turns out I have quite a few so I decided to split this post into two ...so here's me sharing part 1 of my studying habits with y'all :) 

1. Organisation - I've always naturally been a very organised person when it comes to school work and I can't even comprehend how I would be able to function if I were any other way! So my main tips for organising your school work:

  • Timetable - I have multiple copies of my timetable about my person - one in the front of my everyday binder, my uni google calender synced to my iTouch, my timetable in the timetable section of my planner & my classes for each day written in the weekly section of my planner (as well as my writing in my timetable my first job at the beginning of each semester is to go through all of my modules and write down the due dates for all my assessments into my planner - this allows me to see how many assessments are due at the same time and so how I'm going to plan my time so I can fit them all in comfortably) This may seem like an overkill but I like to make sure that I know exactly what I a meant to be doing and where I am supposed to be at all times - I find that this helps me to stay focused on the day and feel more prepared :)
  • Lists - I'm a massive list maker; I write lists for anything and everything (music, deadlines, work loads, wish lists,...) and constantly have them littered everywhere so I thought having one list for the week for uni-related things would be a great idea to keep me organised and also in perspective (if I have a load of things to do I can feel overwhelmed so writing out what I need to do and  breaking it down is something I have learnt works for me). I was going to make my own list but seeing as I'm somewhat technologically challenged I was overjoyed when I found this printable 'to-do list' from A Pair of Pears via The Zesty Digest and fell in love - I keep a stock of them in my everyday binder :)
  • Binders - speaking of binders I have always been a one binder per subject kinda girl - I have tried downsizing and combining but I just don't like it #sorryimnotsorry I keep my separate binders for each subject at home and use them for storing notes - at the end of every week I take my notes and put the in the correct binder (in chronological order so I can easily put my hand on the ones I want) - this way all of my notes are in the same place and all ready for when I need them for revision :)
side note: I made these binder covers myself - here's my tutorial if you want a go yourself :)

2.Learning - Okay, so this is regarding the actual classes I have - I like to print of the lecture handouts beforehand because then I can just highlight the important parts and then take additional notes around the edges. This is the best way for me to use lectures because it prevents me from getting behind trying to take down everything on the slides and lets me focus on remembering the things that the lecturer says that aren't on the slides :)

Funny story: the binder, highlighter and ink colours all have to match for each module - yep I'm OCD like that :P

3. Background Reading - I was terrible at doing the reading last year #oops but this year I am definitely going to do the reading - I think it will help me to remember things more effectively if I read the information presented in a couple of different ways (as in lectures notes and from a textbook) and help me to understand the topics a whole lot more!

Make sure to check back here later in the week for my Study Tips - Part 2!

aHm xoxo