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Hey everyone

First off - apologies for this week's MWIP being a tad late (but it's still Wednesday so it still counts! Well that's what I'm telling myself anyway :P) but I've been suffering from some sort of flu-like virus for the last two weeks and it's really starting to drag me down - I swear I've spent most of the week in bed napping!

I've started working out again - I have a stationery bike in my garage so I don't need to go to a gym #win - so I have this set up next to my bike; I have to be distracted when I cycle so I have my book, iPod and phone with me #oddIknow

This message came up on my phone the other day and I just thought it was so sweet #blesh

I was intending on going to Sally's this week to get a new OPI nail varnish but then I found these three in TK Maxx for only £15 (when at Sally's there £10 each) such a bargain! 

The colours I got were: Planks A Lot [a perfect lavender colour], Your Royal Shineness [an amazing glittery silvery grey colour] and Rally Pretty Pink [this colour was basically the main reason I bought this pack! It's a seriously beautiful pink with loads of gold shimmer that makes it sort of duochrome - honestly I've never seen anything like it!]

I found some mini-cupcake tins and cases in TK Maxx that I thought were so cute and just couldn't resist so I made some chocolate cupcakes the other day - so good! 

I also made Ma some carrot cake too :)

I took the plunge and bought one of my textbooks for this semester as an e-book for the kindle app on my iPad - mainly because it was £20 cheaper - such a great deal! I am definitely going to be looking at e-textbooks a lot more now! I am looking in to renting an e-textbook for one of my modules this year because it's only £5 for 12 months - a crazily cheap amount! 

Have any of you rented an e-textbook before? Was it a good experience?

I was so proud of myself for making my timetable on my google calender and syncing it with my iPod - I felt so tech clever! 
Side note: yep the colours on the google calender match the colour of my folders and corresponding colours of pens I use for each module #sorryimnotsorry

For my last day of my summer I made myself some chocolate chip pancakes - so so delicious as a treat!

I decided this uni year I was going try to revise as I go along rather than leave it until the end of the module - it's working out alright so far - I feel like the information has sunk in a lot more because of this :)

Side note: this is an example of my OTT colour coordinating - my binder, notebook, highlighter and pens are all matching in green #sorryimnotsorry I just think it helps me want to read my work more if it looks pretty - just me?

When I was feeling poorly on Saturday the bf kindly made a trip to Subway for me so I wrote him our order down :P

I was super excited to get my ProRelations textbook - this module is the one which relates most directly to my job after my degree so I can't wait to get stuck in to it! #suchageek

Even my pink polka dot pjs couldn't help me feel better this week :)

I have had such an obsession with Sherlock Holmes since I read the books during the Summer so when I found out there was a modern TV series about Sherlock Holmes I was shocked that I hadn't even seen it so I bought both series 1 and 2 from Amazon and am actually obsessed with it! The only problem is that each case is two hours long so there are only 3 episodes in each series and it's definitely not enough!

Confession - I started watching series 1 yesterday and I'm about to watch the final case of series 2 after I've finished writing this #sorryimnotsorry

Have you seen this series?

Hope you had a great week :) 

P.S I'm trying to reach 50 followers by the end of the year so if you haven't already - hit that follow button! I'd be incredibly grateful :)

aHm xoxo