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Book Club Friday: The House Of Silk...

Book Club Friday: The House Of Silk...

Hey everyone

I am so happy to be linking up with Blonde...Undercover Blonde for this link up again this week! I've missed a couple of weeks because I've really not had time to read (I know, I know - I should make time!) due to the craziness of starting back to uni and getting back into the swing of actually studying after having the summer off :P 

 This week I'm sharing - The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz

Synopsis (via Goodreads
It is November 1890 and London is gripped by a merciless winter. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are enjoying tea by the fire when an agitated gentleman arrives unannounced at 221b Baker Street. He begs Holmes for help, telling the unnerving story of a scar-faced man with piercing eyes who has stalked him in recent weeks.
Intrigued, Holmes and Watson find themselves swiftly drawn into a series of puzzling and sinister events, stretching from the gas-lit streets of London to the teeming criminal underworld of Boston and the mysterious 'House of Silk'...

My Thoughts
Ever since I read a selection of the classic Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle this past summer (read my Book Club Friday post on it here) I have become legit obsessed with Sherlock Holmes (I ended up watching the all of the BBC 'Sherlock' episodes in a day #sorryimnotsorry) and basically detective/crime novels in general (which is great seeing as I was getting a tad tired of the same genres of books - either chick lit or dystopian society-that seem to be everywhere at the moment!). Anyway I walked into the bookstore and my eyes immediately spotted the 'the new Sherlock Holmes novel' on the front of this books and before I had even read the blurb it was in my hands and I was on my to the till! 

I was initially quite apprehensive about reading this- only because the original stories were so clever I didn't think any other author could match Conan Doyle's writing style and amazing plots! But boy was I proved wrong! Horowitz did a perfect job of emulating the classic Holmes stories whilst still adding his own take on things - I particularly liked how he decided to add the Watson backstory to how he was re-telling these events - very clever! It honestly feels like you are reading another classic Holmes novel - the historical setting and language used is just spot on!

The plot itself honestly kept me guessing all the way through! There were two cases all linked up with each other and I didn't guess how they were connected until right at the very end - so engaging! As for the whole unravelling I can honestly say that I didn't expect that outcome at all

I really enjoyed the character development of Holmes too - you get to see a softer side to him which is always nice; if not he could have come across as a tad cold and unrelatable with this difficult and compromising case.

I'd definitely recommend this book even if you haven't read any other Sherlock Holmes books - it's amazing! 

Would you read this book? 
aHm xoxo

One Year Blogaversary!!...

One Year Blogaversary!!...

Hey everyone

So today is a momentous milestone in my blog-life...as of today my little blog is one year old

I can't believe that I've been blogging for a whole year - a whole 180 posts later  and two re-designs and I'm still going strong! I'm really impressed with myself that I have continued to keep up with blogging for this long - seeing as I initially only started my blog as a way of retaining some form of writing in my life seeing as I was starting my science degree at uni and therefore leaving my days of studying English behind me. 

Just for a laugh here's my first post by the way - to be honest I feel like this is still a pretty good description of myself even a year on - I still desperately want to travel, particularly to the South; I'm still obsessed over anything American (my latest obsession is monograms of course!), my unhealthy appetite for spending my money is still present (much to the upset of my bank balance) and what was my guilty pleasure of listening to country music has become a permanent fixture on any playlist I make :)

I am so incredibly amazed and grateful that my blog has 33 followers (to be honest I didn't expect to ever even have one!), that you guys reading comment on my posts and that people actually read my blog (6000 pageviews! - that's awesomely crazy!) - that means the world.

Here are some of my fave posts from this past year...
Having successfully blogged for a year with no expectations or ambitions I decided that this year I'd like to set some goals for this little blog of mine and myself..
  1. Successfully start my own link-up (hint hint)
  2. Participate in a swap :)
  3. Reach 100 followers (go big or go home after all!)
  4. Pluck up the courage to promote my blog on twitter (I'm unsure of what my IRL friends might think of me blogging so I've always put myself off doing this)
  5. Initiate more button swaps 
  6. Participate in a blog takeover for a post - ie. someone blogs on my blog and I blog on theirs
I think that's more than enough to be getting on with!

So thank you again for be a reader of my blog - I really appreciate every pageview, every comment and especially every new follower that this blog gets :)

Here's hoping that this next year of my blog is even more successful that the last was!

aHm xoxo 

TV Love #2...

TV Love #2...

Hey everyone

I've posted a couple of times now about what my current TV obsessions are (here and here) and because most of those have now finished (*le sob*) and with new shows starting my TV show preferences have changed so I though I'd share my current TV Loves with y'all :)

[via google]

You know it's autumn when Downton comes back on the TV :) It's become a Sunday night ritual between Ma and I. I love this show - I love the historical aspect, I love Mary and Matthew, the Dowager Countess is just too awesome! We just watched episode five and ohmigosh I can't even - I'm not gonna give any spoilers away but good grief it was a killer! 

[via google]

This show starts tonight and it's supposed to be a comedy about modern day witches in Camden and Kensington - I figured it might be worth a shot considering all of the vampire/wolf shows out there at the moment! So I'll let you know what I think about it after!

[via google]

I stumbled across this on LOVEFiLM and thought I'd give it a shot - I cannot believe I never watched this before! I am obsessed - I've nearly finished the first series in a week!! And I'm loving the fact that I can watch lots of episodes without having to wait for a new series! Anyone else get annoyed with having to wait for new series?!


The new series of MIC starts again tonight too - I'm a sucker for this reality programme! I'd love to live in Chelsea with these guys - especially Jamie - love him!

[via google]

With my new Sherlock Holmes obsession going on I had to buy the series! Despite there only being 3 two hour episodes in each series I'm loving the modern adaptation of the classic stories - especially seeing as I've read most of the stories it's so cool to see them interpreted a different way. And it doesn't hurt that Benedict Cumberbach's voice is beautiful and he plays the eccentricities of Holmes so perfectly!
 I think I want to watch Elementary (if I can find it online) - have any of you seen it? Is it any good?

What are your TV obsessions this fall?
aHm xoxo

Study Tips - Part 2...

Study Tips - Part 2...

Hey everyone

So not american girl suggested a couple of posts back that I should do a Study Tips post and as it turns out I have quite a few so I decided to split this post into two so here's part 2 of my tips...

4. Study Guides - I revise by writing out information so I make study guides for myself for each module - I write out the lecture slide and then incorporate the additional notes I took in the lectures (see point 2.) so then all my info is in one place and I can use them to find the extra important parts which I then make into cue cards (see point 7.) 

This year I decided to use a notebook to keep my study guides in rather than loose leaf paper so that it is all contained in one place. Also, I like it when everything is colour coordinated - notebook, highlighter, pens :P

5.Time - I used to be guilty of leaving all my revision for each module until I had finished the whole course ie. scarily close to my exams but it was alright because I worked pretty well under pressure (thankfully!) and then I would have to do all the revision for one module before moving onto the next - now this was definitely not the best use of my time! So this year I plan on doing my main revision (ie making study guides) as I go along after each lecture therefore it won't be a massive cram before my exams! Also make sure that you organise your time wisely - don't leave assessments to the last minute (thankfully I've never done this!) and even if it's just a class test make sure you leave enough time to study for it - not just the morning before!

6. Study Aids - If there's diagrams I need to learn then you can bet that I have drawn them out and have them on my wall throughout the semester! Or if there's vocab I need to remember then I have them on post-its stuck around my room. I especially like putting them around my mirror because I look at them absentmindedly when getting ready in the morning so then the info sinks in without much work #win!

7. Cue Cards - I'm a firm believer in using cue cards (flashcards) to revise. For all my exams I always make myself a set of cards to run through - I retain information by reading and repeating so these are the best way for me to do so because they are easy to quickly shuffle through and it makes me break down my revision so I don't get all confused if there's a lot of info for me to learn :) You can bet that at any time during the semester I have a stock of cue cards on hand!

I hope that this may have provided some alternative ways for you to study :) What are your top study tips?

aHm xoxo



Hey everyone

First off - apologies for this week's MWIP being a tad late (but it's still Wednesday so it still counts! Well that's what I'm telling myself anyway :P) but I've been suffering from some sort of flu-like virus for the last two weeks and it's really starting to drag me down - I swear I've spent most of the week in bed napping!

I've started working out again - I have a stationery bike in my garage so I don't need to go to a gym #win - so I have this set up next to my bike; I have to be distracted when I cycle so I have my book, iPod and phone with me #oddIknow

This message came up on my phone the other day and I just thought it was so sweet #blesh

I was intending on going to Sally's this week to get a new OPI nail varnish but then I found these three in TK Maxx for only £15 (when at Sally's there £10 each) such a bargain! 

The colours I got were: Planks A Lot [a perfect lavender colour], Your Royal Shineness [an amazing glittery silvery grey colour] and Rally Pretty Pink [this colour was basically the main reason I bought this pack! It's a seriously beautiful pink with loads of gold shimmer that makes it sort of duochrome - honestly I've never seen anything like it!]

I found some mini-cupcake tins and cases in TK Maxx that I thought were so cute and just couldn't resist so I made some chocolate cupcakes the other day - so good! 

I also made Ma some carrot cake too :)

I took the plunge and bought one of my textbooks for this semester as an e-book for the kindle app on my iPad - mainly because it was £20 cheaper - such a great deal! I am definitely going to be looking at e-textbooks a lot more now! I am looking in to renting an e-textbook for one of my modules this year because it's only £5 for 12 months - a crazily cheap amount! 

Have any of you rented an e-textbook before? Was it a good experience?

I was so proud of myself for making my timetable on my google calender and syncing it with my iPod - I felt so tech clever! 
Side note: yep the colours on the google calender match the colour of my folders and corresponding colours of pens I use for each module #sorryimnotsorry

For my last day of my summer I made myself some chocolate chip pancakes - so so delicious as a treat!

I decided this uni year I was going try to revise as I go along rather than leave it until the end of the module - it's working out alright so far - I feel like the information has sunk in a lot more because of this :)

Side note: this is an example of my OTT colour coordinating - my binder, notebook, highlighter and pens are all matching in green #sorryimnotsorry I just think it helps me want to read my work more if it looks pretty - just me?

When I was feeling poorly on Saturday the bf kindly made a trip to Subway for me so I wrote him our order down :P

I was super excited to get my ProRelations textbook - this module is the one which relates most directly to my job after my degree so I can't wait to get stuck in to it! #suchageek

Even my pink polka dot pjs couldn't help me feel better this week :)

I have had such an obsession with Sherlock Holmes since I read the books during the Summer so when I found out there was a modern TV series about Sherlock Holmes I was shocked that I hadn't even seen it so I bought both series 1 and 2 from Amazon and am actually obsessed with it! The only problem is that each case is two hours long so there are only 3 episodes in each series and it's definitely not enough!

Confession - I started watching series 1 yesterday and I'm about to watch the final case of series 2 after I've finished writing this #sorryimnotsorry

Have you seen this series?

Hope you had a great week :) 

P.S I'm trying to reach 50 followers by the end of the year so if you haven't already - hit that follow button! I'd be incredibly grateful :)

aHm xoxo

Study Tips - Part 1...

Study Tips - Part 1...

Hey everyone

So not american girl suggested a couple of posts back that I should do a Study Tips post - and as it turns out I have quite a few so I decided to split this post into two ...so here's me sharing part 1 of my studying habits with y'all :) 

1. Organisation - I've always naturally been a very organised person when it comes to school work and I can't even comprehend how I would be able to function if I were any other way! So my main tips for organising your school work:

  • Timetable - I have multiple copies of my timetable about my person - one in the front of my everyday binder, my uni google calender synced to my iTouch, my timetable in the timetable section of my planner & my classes for each day written in the weekly section of my planner (as well as my writing in my timetable my first job at the beginning of each semester is to go through all of my modules and write down the due dates for all my assessments into my planner - this allows me to see how many assessments are due at the same time and so how I'm going to plan my time so I can fit them all in comfortably) This may seem like an overkill but I like to make sure that I know exactly what I a meant to be doing and where I am supposed to be at all times - I find that this helps me to stay focused on the day and feel more prepared :)
  • Lists - I'm a massive list maker; I write lists for anything and everything (music, deadlines, work loads, wish lists,...) and constantly have them littered everywhere so I thought having one list for the week for uni-related things would be a great idea to keep me organised and also in perspective (if I have a load of things to do I can feel overwhelmed so writing out what I need to do and  breaking it down is something I have learnt works for me). I was going to make my own list but seeing as I'm somewhat technologically challenged I was overjoyed when I found this printable 'to-do list' from A Pair of Pears via The Zesty Digest and fell in love - I keep a stock of them in my everyday binder :)
  • Binders - speaking of binders I have always been a one binder per subject kinda girl - I have tried downsizing and combining but I just don't like it #sorryimnotsorry I keep my separate binders for each subject at home and use them for storing notes - at the end of every week I take my notes and put the in the correct binder (in chronological order so I can easily put my hand on the ones I want) - this way all of my notes are in the same place and all ready for when I need them for revision :)
side note: I made these binder covers myself - here's my tutorial if you want a go yourself :)

2.Learning - Okay, so this is regarding the actual classes I have - I like to print of the lecture handouts beforehand because then I can just highlight the important parts and then take additional notes around the edges. This is the best way for me to use lectures because it prevents me from getting behind trying to take down everything on the slides and lets me focus on remembering the things that the lecturer says that aren't on the slides :)

Funny story: the binder, highlighter and ink colours all have to match for each module - yep I'm OCD like that :P

3. Background Reading - I was terrible at doing the reading last year #oops but this year I am definitely going to do the reading - I think it will help me to remember things more effectively if I read the information presented in a couple of different ways (as in lectures notes and from a textbook) and help me to understand the topics a whole lot more!

Make sure to check back here later in the week for my Study Tips - Part 2!

aHm xoxo