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What's In My Bag - Uni Edition...

Hey everyone

Seeing as it is this week that I go back to uni - so my summer is officially over :( - even though I don't have my first lab until Thursday (yay for another few days of summer! #clutchingatstraws) I thought I'd share my essentials that I carry with me to uni :)

So confession time - yeh I am that girl who takes everything bar the kitchen sink with them :P All of this fits into my Longchamp Le Pliage (medium in navy) really comfortably though so that's good :) 

I can't express how much I love these bags - I got mine for my 17th birthday and used it every single day of my first year of uni and it still looks brand new! 

Okay so here are my actual learning essentials; I have this thin ring plastic binder in which I keep my lab schedules, extra paper, to-do lists and all of my lecture handouts for a week - the way I learn in lectures is by printing off the lecture handouts and annotating them; that way I've found I don't miss anything extra that the lecturer may say whilst I'm struggling to copy down the basic info from the slides. Then I have my pencil case and of course my planner  (it's Winnie the Pooh!!)- I would be lost without this! Uni -wise I write down my basic timetable in the timetable section, my daily timetable and all of my deadlines in the day section. 

Are you a planner addict too?

This is my timetable for this semester - seeing as I have four modules I was expecting it to be a little bit more full than this so it worries me how much work I'm gonna have to do outside of taught time :S but on the plus side I have no 9ams this year! #woopwoop

In my pencil case I carry; post-its (great for reminders), a ruler (because I have to draw graphs sometimes in labs), a sharpie (for writing on glassware in labs), an eraser, a couple of my fave mechanical pencils (these are the Pentel e-sharp 0.5 if you were wondering and are the only ones that the lead doesn't break on me!), highlighters for highlighting important info on lecture slides (I actually carry a pink, green, purple and blue with me because I have four modules and each folder for each module is one of those colours - so everything matches - I'm OCD like that :P), my pen of choice this year is a BIC one with four colours again so it matches my folders :P and then I always have a hair tie in my pencil case in case I need one in a lab or if I want my hair out of the way for a test or something.

What are your pencil case essentials?


I carry a make up bag around with me too - with concealer and powder (I never use these but still keep them in here just in case!), lipbalm, a mirror, a nail file (because nothing annoys me more than breaking a nail and then ruining it by picking at it for the rest of the day), a rollerball perfume (this one is Love, etc. from The Body Shop - it's smells beaut!), some eye drops (for when my eyes get dry after a lot of time in a lab), more hair ties (labwork again) and some bobby pins.

What's in your make-up bag that you carry around with you?

These are just some other bits and pieces I find myself reaching for at uni on a daily basis; in another little pouch (I big on pouches or bags for organisation!) I keep my uni ID card and some money in a card wallet (the brown leather thing), some mints (I don't like gum because I'm always afraid I'm gonna swallow it and spearmint softmints are my mint of choice!) and my earphones (Because I have to listen to music if I'm in the library working or walking from the car park on campus. Aren't these ones cute? They are little flowers!) I also thrown an umbrella in my bag that just stays there - this one is just a boring black one so I'm on the hunt for a cute cheap one! - because inevitably in England it will rain at some point in the week :P 

What are your essentials for college/uni?
aHm xoxo