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Summer Reading List - How'd I do?...

Hey everyone

So back in the beginning of summer I posted my Summer Reading List and seeing as I only have two weeks of summer left I thought I'd share how I did and what I read this summer :)

I ended up completing my reading list - yay! Admittedly I only read one book from Nicholas Sparks - 'The Last Song' but I thoroughly enjoyed it! 
The first books I read this summer were The Hunger Games series - oh my good gracious I literally cannot believe that I hadn't read them before now! (read my review of Catching Fire!) I absolutely loved this series and reading them has sparked of my interest in this futuristic/dystopian society genre :) 
I read the 50 Shades series pretty early on this summer too - they were easy to read despite their monotony at times but I can't say that the plots were particularly earth-shattering. The first book was intriguing, the second was alright but the third was just a bit dragged out and unncescary in my opinion. And don't even get me started on the ending - so blehhy; I mean they market this series as something different and unusal and not just another chicklit romance but the ending is so cliche.

I did manage to read a few classics - not as many as I had wanted to but I have bought some more classics that are on my reading list so it's a bit more of a work-in-progress situation - having said that reading just these few classics have re-ignited my love for literature so that's a good thing :)
I read Sherlock Holmes and it was awesome (read my review!)! I loved how clever Holmes is and how all of the stories had incredible plot twists that weren't revealed until the very end - such clever writing!
Gone With The Wind was definitely my fave book I have read all summer (read my review!) - I loved the story, the characters (especially Rhett and Scarlett), the romance and even the sad ending - such an amazing book!
I'm still reading Dracula at the moment and I'm not going to lie - it's hard going! It definitely wasn't what I was expecting and the story is told through a few too many characters point of view for me to get used to at the moment but I will persevere with it because I'd like to know how the whole vampire genre was started.

I read quite a few (if I do say so myself) of just random books - ie. books I hadn't planned on reading but just stumbled across and (for the most part) loved!
The Glimpse (read my review!) was another book that really impacted me this summer - I found it really easy to engage with the story and relate to the characters - I am waiting impatiently for the next books to come out!
Bumped and Thumped (read my review!) were books that are sort of 'iffy' for me - I enjoyed reading them but I think they were trying just a tad too hard to be different and be convincingly set in the future - I just didn't invest in that idea fully. Having said that their ideas were unusual and a refreshing change from usual teen lit.
The Insiders was the only book I read this summer that really left me disappointed - for me it was just too copy-cat of GG - it was set in NY, about a group of friends (all be it boys rather than girls), spoke about ludicrous parties and privileges that were obviously too old for the characters. I wont be reading the rest of this series but it was quite an easy read for a couple of days.
I'm a massive fan of books about road trips and In Honor (read my review!) didn't disappoint - I loved the journey of self-discovery that the two main characters went on and how the ending was left open to interpretation - a definite feel-good summer read.
I can't believe I never read the Nancy Drew books as a child - I mean I literally loved The Famous Five so I don't know why Nancy Drew wasn't a logical progression for me! I read the first three books this summer and loved them - they were fun easy reads and I just wanted to tick the series off my childhood reading list and I'm glad I did!
Hard to Get was just a fun chick lit that I thought I would read - I'm guilty for loving these cheesy romance novels and this one didn't disappoint! I loved how the romance sort of crept up on the characters and how the writer kept the reader in suspense and wanting the romance to happen - and of course a happy ending didn't hurt!
Divergent was one of the most recent reads this summer - I really enjoyed it. I liked the idea of the different sectors and it really got me thinking about which I would be in - a very intriguing idea! Insurgent is definitely on my list to read very soon - I want to know what happens with Tobias :P

As well as new books I read a few of my old favourites this summer such as Amy & Rogers Epic Detour - such an amazing book (read my review!), The Au Pairs series, Escape, Footloose to name a few!

 *All pictures courtesy of Goodreads - not mine*

Have you read any of these - what did you think? What were your fave reads of the summer? What's next on your reading list?
aHm xoxo