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My Sumer Recap...

Hey everyone

Seeing as I start my second year of uni tomorrow (err where did those 3 months of summer go?!) I thought it'd be fun to document and share my favourite parts of the summer :)

Spending a week in Blackpool was so much fun :)

Especially visiting all the attractions with the bf :)

Costa catch-ups with the besties and Costa dates with the bf - there were a lot of those! :P 

Spending afternoons in the garden reading :)

Ma, Nam and I had our annual Snugburys ice-cream trip :)

I spent my last summer with my little pumpkin :)

The bf and I went on a walk through the countryside :)

No summer is complete without blue raspberry slush :)

Ma and I discovered this awesome tapas bar :)

The bf and I went on a picnic :)

My first summer of driving had to have its own playlist :)

My drink of the summer - Costa Raspberry Iced Tea - so good!

Of course spending my birthday in New Brighton with my family - perfect :)

And not forgetting my little babies - they are just too cute!

All in all I had a great summer - family, friends, good books, sunshine (most of the time :P), country music - what more could I have asked for?

What was the best part of your summer?

aHm xoxo