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Hey everyone

I've always wanted to be one of those people who can just throw on a hat, I think that hats can just add a little something to an outfit  and not to mention make getting ready so much easier if you're having an uncooperative hair day :P I mean just look at these...





So I've decided that this autumn/winter I'm going to be a hat person - here's the picks that I think I'm going to have to add to my hat collection...

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

In past winters I've mostly been a beenie hat wearer purely because I was cold but there are so many cute options out there I am definitely going to start wearing them as part of my outfit and not just an addition to it :)

This neon pink one  would be perfect for keeping some bright summery colours in the autumn and would add a great pop of colour to a dull wintery outfit. And how adorable is the cake one? Hats with animal ears on were big last autumn/winter in the UK and I'm kinda glad they're back this year - really fun :) I am absolutely in love with the smiley face one - so simple but it would definitely bring a smile to my face wearing it! Too bad it's £50 :S You can never go wrong with adding a touch of francais to your outfit - how chic is this one?

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6
Having said that - this autumn/winter I really want to start wearing more structured hats - there are so many options! I think they will really add a more polished and classic look to an casual outfit. 

I love the autumnal colours of this train driver hat (I'm having major obsessions over hunter green this autumn - just me?!) In my mind you can't go wrong with a classic bowler but then again I love the femininity of this lady bowler I love the shape of this fedora - it's just so sharp and unusual - and this classic fedora is just perfect. This floppy hat would be a crazy splurge but I love the navy and black - so pretty!

Side note: I found most of these picks at ASOS and most are pretty reasonably priced - you can bet on the fact that I am gonna be purchasing some of these as soon as it gets more autumnal!

Are you a hat fan? Which is your fave?
aHm xoxo