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Daisy Dog...

Hey everyone

Today was an incredibly sad day. I had to have my dear little dog put down - She enjoyed 16 years of just chilling (never barking - not once!)and being loved so she'd had a good life but that doesn't really bring much comfort to me today

I'm going to miss how she made me laugh - she never understood that dogs weren't meant to drink coffee or tea let alone from a mug

She loved spending summer days sitting by me in the garden whilst I read a book,

or curling up on my chair in the winter

Her beanbag was her favourite place to sleep though

She never left my side - or the bfs. (considering he isn't much of a dog person he had a lot of time for my little Dais)

She loved going for walks across the fields with the horses (especially in her little coat)

She hadn't aged much - apart from her coat being longer!

I took this photo just yesterday - looking back I can see that she was a poorly old lady and it was for the best that she was put out of her pain and misery - but it doesn't detract from the sorrow I feel right now

I'm not going to remember her as she was when she was poorly (and deaf) - I'm going to remember her as she was in her prime - just pottering around the garden, enjoying herself.

RIP Daisy Dog. You were the best dog anyone could have wished for.

If you have a pet, please give them a hug today - I wish I could.

aHm xoxo