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What's In My Bag - Uni Edition...

What's In My Bag - Uni Edition...

Hey everyone

Seeing as it is this week that I go back to uni - so my summer is officially over :( - even though I don't have my first lab until Thursday (yay for another few days of summer! #clutchingatstraws) I thought I'd share my essentials that I carry with me to uni :)

So confession time - yeh I am that girl who takes everything bar the kitchen sink with them :P All of this fits into my Longchamp Le Pliage (medium in navy) really comfortably though so that's good :) 

I can't express how much I love these bags - I got mine for my 17th birthday and used it every single day of my first year of uni and it still looks brand new! 

Okay so here are my actual learning essentials; I have this thin ring plastic binder in which I keep my lab schedules, extra paper, to-do lists and all of my lecture handouts for a week - the way I learn in lectures is by printing off the lecture handouts and annotating them; that way I've found I don't miss anything extra that the lecturer may say whilst I'm struggling to copy down the basic info from the slides. Then I have my pencil case and of course my planner  (it's Winnie the Pooh!!)- I would be lost without this! Uni -wise I write down my basic timetable in the timetable section, my daily timetable and all of my deadlines in the day section. 

Are you a planner addict too?

This is my timetable for this semester - seeing as I have four modules I was expecting it to be a little bit more full than this so it worries me how much work I'm gonna have to do outside of taught time :S but on the plus side I have no 9ams this year! #woopwoop

In my pencil case I carry; post-its (great for reminders), a ruler (because I have to draw graphs sometimes in labs), a sharpie (for writing on glassware in labs), an eraser, a couple of my fave mechanical pencils (these are the Pentel e-sharp 0.5 if you were wondering and are the only ones that the lead doesn't break on me!), highlighters for highlighting important info on lecture slides (I actually carry a pink, green, purple and blue with me because I have four modules and each folder for each module is one of those colours - so everything matches - I'm OCD like that :P), my pen of choice this year is a BIC one with four colours again so it matches my folders :P and then I always have a hair tie in my pencil case in case I need one in a lab or if I want my hair out of the way for a test or something.

What are your pencil case essentials?


I carry a make up bag around with me too - with concealer and powder (I never use these but still keep them in here just in case!), lipbalm, a mirror, a nail file (because nothing annoys me more than breaking a nail and then ruining it by picking at it for the rest of the day), a rollerball perfume (this one is Love, etc. from The Body Shop - it's smells beaut!), some eye drops (for when my eyes get dry after a lot of time in a lab), more hair ties (labwork again) and some bobby pins.

What's in your make-up bag that you carry around with you?

These are just some other bits and pieces I find myself reaching for at uni on a daily basis; in another little pouch (I big on pouches or bags for organisation!) I keep my uni ID card and some money in a card wallet (the brown leather thing), some mints (I don't like gum because I'm always afraid I'm gonna swallow it and spearmint softmints are my mint of choice!) and my earphones (Because I have to listen to music if I'm in the library working or walking from the car park on campus. Aren't these ones cute? They are little flowers!) I also thrown an umbrella in my bag that just stays there - this one is just a boring black one so I'm on the hunt for a cute cheap one! - because inevitably in England it will rain at some point in the week :P 

What are your essentials for college/uni?
aHm xoxo

My Sumer Recap...

My Sumer Recap...

Hey everyone

Seeing as I start my second year of uni tomorrow (err where did those 3 months of summer go?!) I thought it'd be fun to document and share my favourite parts of the summer :)

Spending a week in Blackpool was so much fun :)

Especially visiting all the attractions with the bf :)

Costa catch-ups with the besties and Costa dates with the bf - there were a lot of those! :P 

Spending afternoons in the garden reading :)

Ma, Nam and I had our annual Snugburys ice-cream trip :)

I spent my last summer with my little pumpkin :)

The bf and I went on a walk through the countryside :)

No summer is complete without blue raspberry slush :)

Ma and I discovered this awesome tapas bar :)

The bf and I went on a picnic :)

My first summer of driving had to have its own playlist :)

My drink of the summer - Costa Raspberry Iced Tea - so good!

Of course spending my birthday in New Brighton with my family - perfect :)

And not forgetting my little babies - they are just too cute!

All in all I had a great summer - family, friends, good books, sunshine (most of the time :P), country music - what more could I have asked for?

What was the best part of your summer?

aHm xoxo

Summer Reading List - How'd I do?...

Summer Reading List - How'd I do?...

Hey everyone

So back in the beginning of summer I posted my Summer Reading List and seeing as I only have two weeks of summer left I thought I'd share how I did and what I read this summer :)

I ended up completing my reading list - yay! Admittedly I only read one book from Nicholas Sparks - 'The Last Song' but I thoroughly enjoyed it! 
The first books I read this summer were The Hunger Games series - oh my good gracious I literally cannot believe that I hadn't read them before now! (read my review of Catching Fire!) I absolutely loved this series and reading them has sparked of my interest in this futuristic/dystopian society genre :) 
I read the 50 Shades series pretty early on this summer too - they were easy to read despite their monotony at times but I can't say that the plots were particularly earth-shattering. The first book was intriguing, the second was alright but the third was just a bit dragged out and unncescary in my opinion. And don't even get me started on the ending - so blehhy; I mean they market this series as something different and unusal and not just another chicklit romance but the ending is so cliche.

I did manage to read a few classics - not as many as I had wanted to but I have bought some more classics that are on my reading list so it's a bit more of a work-in-progress situation - having said that reading just these few classics have re-ignited my love for literature so that's a good thing :)
I read Sherlock Holmes and it was awesome (read my review!)! I loved how clever Holmes is and how all of the stories had incredible plot twists that weren't revealed until the very end - such clever writing!
Gone With The Wind was definitely my fave book I have read all summer (read my review!) - I loved the story, the characters (especially Rhett and Scarlett), the romance and even the sad ending - such an amazing book!
I'm still reading Dracula at the moment and I'm not going to lie - it's hard going! It definitely wasn't what I was expecting and the story is told through a few too many characters point of view for me to get used to at the moment but I will persevere with it because I'd like to know how the whole vampire genre was started.

I read quite a few (if I do say so myself) of just random books - ie. books I hadn't planned on reading but just stumbled across and (for the most part) loved!
The Glimpse (read my review!) was another book that really impacted me this summer - I found it really easy to engage with the story and relate to the characters - I am waiting impatiently for the next books to come out!
Bumped and Thumped (read my review!) were books that are sort of 'iffy' for me - I enjoyed reading them but I think they were trying just a tad too hard to be different and be convincingly set in the future - I just didn't invest in that idea fully. Having said that their ideas were unusual and a refreshing change from usual teen lit.
The Insiders was the only book I read this summer that really left me disappointed - for me it was just too copy-cat of GG - it was set in NY, about a group of friends (all be it boys rather than girls), spoke about ludicrous parties and privileges that were obviously too old for the characters. I wont be reading the rest of this series but it was quite an easy read for a couple of days.
I'm a massive fan of books about road trips and In Honor (read my review!) didn't disappoint - I loved the journey of self-discovery that the two main characters went on and how the ending was left open to interpretation - a definite feel-good summer read.
I can't believe I never read the Nancy Drew books as a child - I mean I literally loved The Famous Five so I don't know why Nancy Drew wasn't a logical progression for me! I read the first three books this summer and loved them - they were fun easy reads and I just wanted to tick the series off my childhood reading list and I'm glad I did!
Hard to Get was just a fun chick lit that I thought I would read - I'm guilty for loving these cheesy romance novels and this one didn't disappoint! I loved how the romance sort of crept up on the characters and how the writer kept the reader in suspense and wanting the romance to happen - and of course a happy ending didn't hurt!
Divergent was one of the most recent reads this summer - I really enjoyed it. I liked the idea of the different sectors and it really got me thinking about which I would be in - a very intriguing idea! Insurgent is definitely on my list to read very soon - I want to know what happens with Tobias :P

As well as new books I read a few of my old favourites this summer such as Amy & Rogers Epic Detour - such an amazing book (read my review!), The Au Pairs series, Escape, Footloose to name a few!

 *All pictures courtesy of Goodreads - not mine*

Have you read any of these - what did you think? What were your fave reads of the summer? What's next on your reading list?
aHm xoxo



Hey everyone

I've always wanted to be one of those people who can just throw on a hat, I think that hats can just add a little something to an outfit  and not to mention make getting ready so much easier if you're having an uncooperative hair day :P I mean just look at these...





So I've decided that this autumn/winter I'm going to be a hat person - here's the picks that I think I'm going to have to add to my hat collection...

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

In past winters I've mostly been a beenie hat wearer purely because I was cold but there are so many cute options out there I am definitely going to start wearing them as part of my outfit and not just an addition to it :)

This neon pink one  would be perfect for keeping some bright summery colours in the autumn and would add a great pop of colour to a dull wintery outfit. And how adorable is the cake one? Hats with animal ears on were big last autumn/winter in the UK and I'm kinda glad they're back this year - really fun :) I am absolutely in love with the smiley face one - so simple but it would definitely bring a smile to my face wearing it! Too bad it's £50 :S You can never go wrong with adding a touch of francais to your outfit - how chic is this one?

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6
Having said that - this autumn/winter I really want to start wearing more structured hats - there are so many options! I think they will really add a more polished and classic look to an casual outfit. 

I love the autumnal colours of this train driver hat (I'm having major obsessions over hunter green this autumn - just me?!) In my mind you can't go wrong with a classic bowler but then again I love the femininity of this lady bowler I love the shape of this fedora - it's just so sharp and unusual - and this classic fedora is just perfect. This floppy hat would be a crazy splurge but I love the navy and black - so pretty!

Side note: I found most of these picks at ASOS and most are pretty reasonably priced - you can bet on the fact that I am gonna be purchasing some of these as soon as it gets more autumnal!

Are you a hat fan? Which is your fave?
aHm xoxo

Book Club Friday: The Masque of the Red Death......

Book Club Friday: The Masque of the Red Death......

Hey everyone

Thanks to Blonde...Undercover Blonde for this link up :)

 This week I'm sharing - The Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

Synopsis (via Goodreads
Everything is in ruins.

A devastating plague has decimated the population. And those who are left live in fear of catching it as the city crumbles to pieces around them.

So what does Araby Worth have to live for?

Nights in the Debauchery Club, beautiful dresses, glittery make-up . . . and tantalizing ways to forget it all.

But in the depths of the club—in the depths of her own despair—Araby will find more than oblivion. She will find Will, the terribly handsome proprietor of the club. And Elliott, the wickedly smart aristocrat. Neither boy is what he seems. Both have secrets. Everyone does.

And Araby may find something not just to live for, but to fight for—no matter what it costs her.

My Thoughts

I got this book because I'm a sucker for anything medical-y related so the plague idea really drew me in (Side note: I really loved learning about the Black Death/Great Plague in high school - I know, I was an odd child). As a trainee research scientist I was fascinated by the idea of an deadly virus and how it could be controlled so this book is perfect for me! If you're a tad squeamish or not really a fan of  the idea of a killer virus spreading I wouldn't really recommend this book for you!

I'm gonna be honest - I read this book in literally one afternoon (it's only a couple of hundred pages) so it shows how engaging the plot must have been! I identified with the main character really quickly - but my fave character has to be Will - he's just so sweet an cute! I'm not a fan of Elliot - there's something fishy there if you ask me! It's slightly annoying how obviously the 'bad guy' is portrayed if you ask me :/ 

I liked how the plot was centred around the virus and the search for it's eradication - it was just used as a back story - it was the main story. The romances were just a back story - which was pleasant and made the virus plot a lot more believable.

I'm looking forward to reading the 2nd and final book in the series - how nice is it to just have  a 2 part series rather than a trilogy?! - to see what happens with the virus and if Araby (how unusual is that name - I love it!) gets together with Will or Elliot and if the Prince (Mr Bad Guy) is defeated.

Would you read this book? 
aHm xoxo

What I'm Looking Forward To...

What I'm Looking Forward To...

Hey everyone

The summer's officially drawing to a close (sad times), it's nearly time to start back to uni (although yay for it nearly being time to see my uni friends again), the nights have already started to draw in but despite all this sadness there is some joy in the fact that it is nearly time for autumn (or fall - whichever you prefer)!

Now in my humble opinion I don't feel as if in England we get enough autumn (or spring for that matter but that's another story) - it just seem as if summer ends, we get a tidgy bit of cooler, crisper weather and then boom we are thrown into the depths of winter for the forseable future (slightly bitter about this if you couldn't tell!) - how I envy all you people who actually get to experince fall for more than a split second (slight exaggeration there but heyho)!

Having waffled on for ages I'm gonna get to the point of this post - I want to share with you some things I'm looking forward to for autumn/fall...

...sipping on cinnamon hot chocolate...

...wearing cozy knit sweaters...

...breaking out my collection fluffy socks (especially for bed #cozy)...

...walking through fallen leaves (side note: loving these shoes!)...

[mine via polyvore]
...throwing on my 'go-to' autumn outfit: legging+boots+infinity scarf+sweater..

...smelling autumn scented candles...

...making my fave lunch of soup on a cold day (side note: I really need to make these cute bread bowls too!)...

...painting my nails darker colours - as much as I love my brights I do think darker nails look really classy in the autumn/winter (side note: I really want to get my hands on butter LONDONs 'Hunter Green'!)...

...celebrating Bonfire Night...
...toting around my new bucket bag (isn't is cute? Thank you bf!)...

...having cande-lit bubble baths...

...spending Halloween with the uni best ones...
Side note: I'm not usually a fan of this holiday but this year it will commemorate a year of feeling like I'd properly made it in a new group of friends at uni <3

You can bet as soon as Oct/Nov rolls around I will be enjoying all of these fall-y things :D
What are your favourite things about fall/autumn?
aHm xoxo

Daisy Dog...

Daisy Dog...

Hey everyone

Today was an incredibly sad day. I had to have my dear little dog put down - She enjoyed 16 years of just chilling (never barking - not once!)and being loved so she'd had a good life but that doesn't really bring much comfort to me today

I'm going to miss how she made me laugh - she never understood that dogs weren't meant to drink coffee or tea let alone from a mug

She loved spending summer days sitting by me in the garden whilst I read a book,

or curling up on my chair in the winter

Her beanbag was her favourite place to sleep though

She never left my side - or the bfs. (considering he isn't much of a dog person he had a lot of time for my little Dais)

She loved going for walks across the fields with the horses (especially in her little coat)

She hadn't aged much - apart from her coat being longer!

I took this photo just yesterday - looking back I can see that she was a poorly old lady and it was for the best that she was put out of her pain and misery - but it doesn't detract from the sorrow I feel right now

I'm not going to remember her as she was when she was poorly (and deaf) - I'm going to remember her as she was in her prime - just pottering around the garden, enjoying herself.

RIP Daisy Dog. You were the best dog anyone could have wished for.

If you have a pet, please give them a hug today - I wish I could.

aHm xoxo