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TV Love...

Hey everyone

I've been loving watching TV (well TV series on my laptop but heyho you get what I mean I'm sure) as of late so I thought I'd share what I've been watching with you :)

I know I'm crazy late jumping on the bandwagon with this one but I saw the first series on sale in a local supermarket for only £10 (yeh I know I could just watch it online but I'm old-school in the way that I like actually DVDs on my shelf) so I thought I may as well give it a go after hearing how practically everyone and their mother is obsessed with it. To be honest I've only watched the first episode and I'm not really sure what I think about it - for me there seems to be a lot of Twilight similarities but I;m gonna persevere and see how I feel as the series goes on :) Have any of you watched this? Did you feel the same? Does it get better?

The bf and I have been loving watching season 2 of PLL - I swear it gets better with every episode!! I'm loving how emotionally invested I am in finding out who A is haha! Aria is just too beautiful, Spoby is just adorable, ahh I just love everything about this show!

I recently stumbled across this whilst on the e4 site and I started watching it - I love it! Such easy watching with some hilarious one-liners :) Definitely a must watch each week for me now :) Have any of you seen this? Did you like it?

I've fallen a bit behind with watching this show lately but I'm sure I'll catch up. Basically I only started watching this show because I am literally obsessed with The Hamptons (I blame the Au Pairs series of books :P) and will take any chance to see it (the start of GG season 2 is my fave for that very reason!). Aside from the awesome setting the story is actually pretty gripping - ever so slightly sinister and it really makes you think to figure out what's going on. Ever seen Revenge? What did you think?

I absolutely loved the first season of this show last summer! I've always dreamt of counselling at a summer camp in America and this series follows some Brits doing just that! The only downside to this show is that it's definitely for more adult viewers - some of the jokes are a bit too crude for my liking but the laughs in the plot make up for that IMO. Definitely recommend watching if you want to see American Summer Camps from a British humour perspective - or you just want a laugh :P

What are you loving watching at the moment? 
aHm xoxo