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Jack Wills - Autumn Term...

Hey everyone

Jack Wills recently released their Autumn Term (how cute that they call them terms? Very in keeping with their brand being 'university outfitters' - I'm impressed) collection and it's safe to say that I love everything so I thought I'd share my absolute favourites with you - trust me it was difficult to narrow it down and not to just link you to the whole site :P
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How fall-y are these bedding things?! I love the colours of the duvet cover and pillow - not that most people coordinate their bedding to the season but heyho I can dream, right?! 

And that blanket - I can already see myself spending a rainy afternoon curled up in this with a good book and a cup of tea - perfection!

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This autumn/winter I am determined to start wearing and adding more button downs to my wardrobe instead of just living it long-sleeved t-shirts or hoodies! What I love about these shirts is that they are quite a relaxed fit so they look really quite comfy. Plus how easy are they to thrown on with a pair of jeans and then boom - a put together look which required minimum effort - perfect for those 9am lectures :P

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Now I'm using the term 'trousers' very loosely to describe these next picks - they are really just comfy trouser-like items :P

I love love love the colour of these sweatpants - so bright and cheerful for when your not feeling quite so bright and cheerful yourself :)

I love the waistband on these leggings! I hope that these would be really good quality and worth the investment - I'm guilty of just buying cheap leggings and then wearing them out and just buying more - I think I need to buy a good pair that will last me! Help me out -  where's you fave place to buy leggings?

These lounge pants are just so perfect for autumn - I adore the paid and the autumn colours and just everything - want.

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This wine colour seems like it is going to be a pretty big colour this season - I'm seeing it everywhere! Initially I wasn't a big fan (I thought it was just a bleh dark red colour - oops) but I have to say it's definitely growing on me! A hoodie and a sweatshirt - two necessities for those chillier autumn days, right?

I love the bright neon pink-ness of this cardigan! It'd be great to add some colour to a plain outfit (I'm thinking a white tee and some dark wash jeans). I have a grey boyfriend cardigan from JW that is about two years old now but it is still in great condition (good job considering it's price!) and I love wearing it when it gets colder :)

Side note: despite JW being pricey I really do feel like it's great quality that will last and remain wearable in your wardrobe - I'm remaining a fan (and ignoring all the hype surrounding this company just because One Direction wear it - I really hope they don't just whack their brand name all over their clothes just because directioners may want that sort of thing *fingers crossed* and continue making these more classic preppy pieces) :)

I became a massive onesie fan last year and have even bought a couple this summer (don't judge me) in preparation for winter (I didn't want to wait and them all to be sold out!) but this one is seriously awesome in my opinion - pink and navy? Yes! Stripes? Heck yes! Love it! Are you fans of onesies for when it's super cold at night?

Are you a fan of JW? Do you like anything in their new collection?
aHm xoxo

P.S I love watching the short films they make to go with their new collections - seriously check them out if you haven't seen them! I want to live in the JW films - they look like the perfect life!