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Top Five Tuesday: Best Things About Summer...

Hey everyone

Unsurprisingly I'm linking up with Rachel from @JustPeachy  today - I love this link up so much! This week it's on the Best Things About Summer - this could not have come at a better time for me because with the semester being on it's last legs I am starting to let gloriously illicitly-feeling thoughts of summer into my head when I'm meant to be revising - oops :P

1) Time with my buddies: In the past my group of friends have been atrocious at keeping in touch and seeing each other over the holiday but this year I know that this will change; after being apart for the best part of 9 months whilst they were away at their uni's I can't wait to spend time with these two :)

Of course I will miss these three very muchlies when they go back home :( I'm looking forward to going on road trips to visit them though :)

2) Reading: If you didn't know this already - I am a crazy bookworm; as in I finish usually finish a whole book in one sitting - I can never put them down! But during the school year it's always tough to fit reading time in so summer has always been the time where I fully immerse myself into my library and devote my time to reading - everything and anything! I have been known to take 10 books on a 2 week holiday, read them all in the first week and then re-read them in the second - told you; obsessed! Above, is my summer reading list so far; some classics along with some chick-lit - perfect! 

3) Warmer weather = no socks/closed shoes: One of the best things about summer is the warmer weather (admittedly not fantastically tropical in England) and with that comes sandals and flip flops. I love summer when socks lie forgotten in the cupboard and I spend days just wandering around barefoot. Obviously I put shoes on when I leave the house but if I'm just staying in the house and chilling in the garden shoes are definitely forgotten :P Anyone else love this feeling of freedom from shoes or is it just me? :S

4) Late nights/early mornings: One of the best things about summer in my opinion is the freedom to stay up as late (or early depending on which way you look at it) as I want. 

5) Horse riding: Again, like reading my horse riding really picks up again in the summer after being put on the back burner during the school year. I end up riding practically every day in the summer and I love really putting my pony through her paces and building up her jumping again - nothing beats completing a round of jumps in record time with no mistakes - love it!

What are your best things about summer? Please share :)
aHm xoxo