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Top Five Tuesday: Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

Hey everyone
Another toughey from Rachel from @JustPeachy for the beauty products I can't live this week :S

1) Mascara - Confession time: I never leave the house without a coat of black mascara on my lashes - even if I'm just going down the yard to do some schooling with my horsey - It's crazy, I know! My fave mascara of all time is  the 'They're Real!' from Benefit - I love the way that this mascara makes my lashes look - perfect for a night out! Seeing as this is quite pricey though I don't wear it every day - instead I usually wear the classic Maybelline 'Great Lash' :) 


2) Kitten Smudge Pot from Stila - I'm seriously not an eyeshadow person but this particular smudge pot is, in my opinion at least, awesome! I love how I can literally just throw this somewhere in the vicinity of my eyes and it goes on perfectly and looks really put together but still natural. As you can probs tell, I love it :) I may have to look into purchasing a MAC paintpot to compare at some point.

3) Benefit's Facial Emulsion - I am seriously bad at taking care of my skin; as in I don't moisturize, like ever (shock!). But I got a sample size of this last summer and only really started using it a couple of weeks ago. I just use the diddiest amount to underneath my foundation and it seems to really help my foundation stay on for longer and as an added extra it makes my skin lovely and glowy :)


4) Lip balm - for me lip balm > lipstick. No contest. My latest fave are obviously Revlon's Lip Butters - totally in love with them; a great colour but super moisturizing!

5) Mineral Foundation - Ma has been a cult Bare Minerals foundation user for a couple of years now and she recently converted me :) Again, it's quite pricey so I only use it for special occasions but I've found the ELF Mineral Foundation to be a pretty good replacement for everyday usage :)

What are the beauty products that you can't live without?
aHm xoxo


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the benefit mascara!
    Personally, I can't live without MakeupForeverHD foundation <3

    1. I really want to try that foundation!! Thanks for commenting :)

    2. Oh of course! I love being able to talk makeup, makes my day. It's a very good foundation. I don't even need to use setting powder :D


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