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Hey everyone 
It's MWIP time - my apologies if most of my pictures this week are of revision-related things; for the next three weeks revision is my life - not particularly fun but necessary :(

With revision comes revision snack food. I popped out on Monday to pick up some yummies to keep me going: Popchips (these are my new faves! Anyone else love them?), Ben & Jerry's cookie ice-cream sandwiches and some frozen yoghurt :)

I put my hair in a ballerina bun on Thursday and that night when I took it out I had dreadlocks. Not a look I will be keeping methinks.

I took the bf to my uni for the first time this week - luckily it was a beautiful day and we had an awesome time just wandering round the grounds. I feel so lucky to be studying in such a gorgeous place.

Because I'm a makeup addict I had to buy a new foundation despite the fact I really don't need one.On the plus side this foundation is really quite lovely :)

It's things like this list that makes me glad I don't drink. All those side effects - no thank you.

I was feeling nostalgic for crew - thank you Back to the 80s for introducing me to this song - love it #sorryimnotsorry

My revision set up. Tumbler - check. Snack - check. Colour coordination - check. :)

Why is it that one hand's nails always look so much nicer than the other? Is it just me who has this problem?

I've come to the conclusion that diagram drawing really isn't my strong point.

I went a little OTT with my frozen yoghurt buying - I'm trying to find out which brand/flavour I like best. (More on this subject later on this week!) Are any of you frozen yoghurt fans?

Hope you all had a lovely week or at least one that was far less stressful than mine!
aHm xoxo

P.S. I am so annoyed at myself right now! I've just been getting ready to start writing my April photo-a-day post and I've deleted every picture set (fail at technology right here) - that'll teach me not to keep multiple copies! I'm so upset because I managed to do really well this month and only missed out like 2 days. So there will be no photo-a-day post this month :( Ah well, here's to next month instead.