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Hey everyone 

It's MWIP time again...

I may or may not have spent a whole afternoon reorganising my iTunes - they are all rated and have album covers now so my OCD is satisfied haha

Having this as part of my collage directly above my desk is making me crave summer - those cloudy lemonade ice lollies are beaut! (side note: how can that picture have been taken over a year ago now - it seems like it was only yesterday?!)

I was feeling all American #sorryimnotsorry

Odd picture, I know, but have you ever tried to re-fill a bean bag with the polystyrene beans? I don't recommend it - the beans went everywhere.

The bf bought some Kinder Eggs for us to share and then proceeded to get over excited with the 'surprises' that came inside them. He may or may not have spent 15 minutes playing with a toy car that was inside one of them #sadIknow

I was browsing the Ben and Jerry's site (I wanted to see what different flavours there were in the US compared to here - is it just me or does Late Night Snack sound incredible?!) and found that they have a calender - immediately downloaded it and set it as my desktop background - I'm just that cool :P

When I was younger I spent ages teaching my pony some tricks; one of which being to pick up a bucket with his teeth and bring it to me - apparently he hasn't lost this skill because this morning when he decided to try and steal my other pony's bucket of food - gotta love him :)

I went to Lush again - damage was done #sorryI'mnotsorry

The bf surprised me with a new Yankee Candle (how thoughtful?! I think he loves them just as much as I do!) in Bahama Breeze - apparently "There's cool summer refreshment in this tropical blend of pineapple, grapefruit and mango." - all I can say is that it sure does smell yummy and fruity :)

I was bad. McDonald's was had. #sorryimnotsorry

My pony was naughty again. I was carrying hay across the field for my horses and this one decided to be walk alongside me and occasionally steal a cheeky mouthful - he's just too funny and cute!

Hope you had a great week :)

aHm xoxo