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Hey everyone 

Ooopsies - it looks like I'm late with this weeks MWIP again - my apologies. One of my ponies is really poorly so she is my priority at the moment. I went down to ride her and she was really struggling to walk - it was so scary. So we had to have the vet come and see her and he gave her some medication and put her on box rest for the next couple of weeks. But she seems like she's on the mend now.
My poorly baba :(

Anyways, here is this weeks MWIP - sorry about the amount of food pics in this post; I decided to quit my no carbs for Easter week and have been on a complete carb-fest :P

For that glorious time when it was actually summery last week I spent as much time as I could in the garden reading - perfect :)

After a stressful day out shopping with Ma, I may or may not have come home and changed from my skinny jeans into my pjs - don't they just look darling with my white button down?! #yesIambeingsarcastic

Now that the sun's gone away again I am loving bright nail polishes to keep me feeling summery. This one's Westbourne Grove from Nails Inc. - isn't it beautiful. Warning: it is obnoxiously bright!

No the most flattering pic of myself I will admit but I had to document the fact that my hair was curling right the way from the root - crazy #s'allnatural

As soon as I decided to quit carbs for Easter I ran to Waitrose and stocked up on yummy treats - I saw these in with the Ben & Jerry ice cream and knew I had to try it. Verdict: absolutely delicious; I will be stocking up on these for the summer!

My first carby lunch in 2 and a half months - yes, I triple carbed #ohwell

England (well at least where I live) has had horrifically crazy weather recently. As we were driving home the other morning it was beginning to snow (snow, in April, I know!!) - luckily it didn't stick - and we came across someone's portable greenhouse thing had been blown in the crazy winds the night before into the middle of the road! That's what you get living in the country I suppose, haha!

I was so proud of myself this week, I finished off my Hand Food from Soap and Glory that I was carrying around in my purse. I never finish products that I put in my purse so I was so pleased :) Side note: this stuff smells amazing and works wonderfully, seriously ; go out and try it!

I made another amazing snack discovery whilst at Waitrose - Popchips. They are seriously yummy and reasonably healthy (as far as crisps go anyway)!

 So that was My Week In Pictures, seeing as it is Easter I will leave you with a cute bunny - a MaltEaster bunny that is! My fave Easter choccie by far :)

Hope you all had a wonderful week, and Happy Easter :)
aHm xoxo