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Happy Easter...

Hey everyone 

The Easter Bunny was good enough to visit me again this year :) Yes that is a giant walnut whip - yummy!

We went to Nam & G's for Easter Sunday Lunch and Nam had surprised us by decorating everything Easter-y; thought I'd share some piccys with you...

The table all decorated for Easter

A close up of the table decorations - how cute are those chicken/bunny/egg hangy things?!

Who says crackers are just for Christmas? How sweet are these Saucer Crackers for Easter?

The jokes inside weren't too bad either :P

Finally, I found these cute little eggs hidden in the corner of the stable, we can't tell if they're blackbird or robin eggs - but aren't they sweet?
Hope you had a fabulous Easter Sunday :)
aHm xoxo


  1. Mmm all that lovely chocolate!
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter as well!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only college student who still gets visited by the Easter bunny :) All the candy looks so yummy! I've never heard of a walnut whip before, though--they must not be here in the US.

    1. Haha, visits from the Easter bunny have no age limit in my world :P If you get the chance to try a walnut whip you definitely should - it's a thick chocolate shell with a sort of marshmallowey mousse thing inside with a walnut on to - seriously yummy :)Thanks for commenting :)


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