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Frozen Yoghurt - Finally!!...

Hey everyone  

I've been on a complete American kick lately - even more so than usual!- and finally I got to experience a classic American treat - Frozen Yoghurt!! 

You honestly don't know how long I have been craving frozen yoghurt, salivating over pictures of pinkberry's on tumblr, frantically googling frozen yoghurt bars in England. Anyway last week, I was googling away and found Chillberries - imagine my delight when I realised that it was a frozen yoghurt bar only in Knutsford! (Last weeks trip to Knutsford with Ma may or may not have been one of the contributing factors as to why we went there!) 

So, we found the store - Oh my actual gosh I have never seen a shop that was decorated with such a clear identity - it was awesome! 
How cute?!

Let, me tell you I had such a hard time deciding what flavour combination to get - after all my first frozen yoghurt was a momentous occasion! Do I go for natural yoghurt and fruit to be healthy or complete chocoholic with choccie youghurt, buttons and brownies?!

Eventually I choose - I went with natural yoghurt, pineapple, brownie pieces and gummi bears (I'm a sucker for gummi treats!)

So exciting!

It took all my will-power to wait and take this picture before digging in!

It was so yummy!

It was seriously amazing but sadly it was gone too soon :( I can't wait to go back, this time I'm going to take the bf - I'm sure he'll love it!

Are any of you as addicted to frozen yoghurt as I'm sure I will be by the end of summer?! What are you're fave frozen yoghurt combinations recommendations?

aHm xoxo