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Date Night: Titanic 3D...

Hey everyone 

So, I was busy revising last Thursday when it just struck me that I really wanted to go the cinema - this never happens! I usually see a really awesome-looking trailer and say that I desperately want to go and see it but then inevitably forget to go and just end up buying the film on DVD eventually - does anyone else do this or is it just me? :S

Anyway, I text the bf and we decided to go to the cinema - unsurprisingly there was nothing showing that I wanted to see (just my luck - the one time I decide to go the cinema and there's nothing good on!) but Titanic 3D was on and I knew that the bf is a total sucker for that film so we decided to go for that. 

Now, I'm not massive fan of Titanic - it's meant to be some great cinematic classic but I  think having to watch it approx. a million times for various projects in high school I think I've gotten a bit sick of it (sorry if you're a hardcore Titanic fan). Having said this - it's an alright film to watch; I like seeing the grand-ness of the ship and the historical elements of it but I seriously cannot stand Rose - she is just one of those female characters who irk me (again, sorry Titanic fans), I mean come one - "I'll never let go" and then she just lets him sink to the bottom of the ocean! And don't even get me started on how she could have just budged up a little on that raft (see below) and everything woulda been hunky-dory for the two of them!

That little rant aside...about halfway through the film though, I had a revelation - Leo is pretty darn hot. I know, I know I'm nearly 20 years too late jumping on this bandwagon but seriously why had I never realised how cute he was before now?! I'm always a sucker for an underdog anyways so I was rooting for him from the start despite the fact that I hate Rose. My favourite line of his? "That's what everybody says but, with all due respect, Miss, I'm not the one hanging off the back of a ship here" - love him!

To be honest aside from how bulky the silly glasses felt all the way through the film (side note: this must be one of the longest films in history!) I didn't really notice anything spectacular about the 3D aspect - I mean the bf is absolutely convinced that they added some more shots to showcase the 3D-ness but they definitely didn't - bless him. 

All in all it was just lovely to spend the evening with the bf going on an old-school date - dinner (pizza hut because it's across the car park from the cinema) & a movie :) because we never really go out on dates as such because he works on the evenings at the weekend and I'm so busy with uni in the week that we just wanna chill at home together. 

What I wore: 
Sheer Lavender shirt/blouse thing 
Dark wash jeggings 
Black converse

Have any of you see Titanic in 3D - what did you think? 
aHm xoxo