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Date Night: Titanic 3D...

Date Night: Titanic 3D...

Hey everyone 

So, I was busy revising last Thursday when it just struck me that I really wanted to go the cinema - this never happens! I usually see a really awesome-looking trailer and say that I desperately want to go and see it but then inevitably forget to go and just end up buying the film on DVD eventually - does anyone else do this or is it just me? :S

Anyway, I text the bf and we decided to go to the cinema - unsurprisingly there was nothing showing that I wanted to see (just my luck - the one time I decide to go the cinema and there's nothing good on!) but Titanic 3D was on and I knew that the bf is a total sucker for that film so we decided to go for that. 

Now, I'm not massive fan of Titanic - it's meant to be some great cinematic classic but I  think having to watch it approx. a million times for various projects in high school I think I've gotten a bit sick of it (sorry if you're a hardcore Titanic fan). Having said this - it's an alright film to watch; I like seeing the grand-ness of the ship and the historical elements of it but I seriously cannot stand Rose - she is just one of those female characters who irk me (again, sorry Titanic fans), I mean come one - "I'll never let go" and then she just lets him sink to the bottom of the ocean! And don't even get me started on how she could have just budged up a little on that raft (see below) and everything woulda been hunky-dory for the two of them!

That little rant aside...about halfway through the film though, I had a revelation - Leo is pretty darn hot. I know, I know I'm nearly 20 years too late jumping on this bandwagon but seriously why had I never realised how cute he was before now?! I'm always a sucker for an underdog anyways so I was rooting for him from the start despite the fact that I hate Rose. My favourite line of his? "That's what everybody says but, with all due respect, Miss, I'm not the one hanging off the back of a ship here" - love him!

To be honest aside from how bulky the silly glasses felt all the way through the film (side note: this must be one of the longest films in history!) I didn't really notice anything spectacular about the 3D aspect - I mean the bf is absolutely convinced that they added some more shots to showcase the 3D-ness but they definitely didn't - bless him. 

All in all it was just lovely to spend the evening with the bf going on an old-school date - dinner (pizza hut because it's across the car park from the cinema) & a movie :) because we never really go out on dates as such because he works on the evenings at the weekend and I'm so busy with uni in the week that we just wanna chill at home together. 

What I wore: 
Sheer Lavender shirt/blouse thing 
Dark wash jeggings 
Black converse

Have any of you see Titanic in 3D - what did you think? 
aHm xoxo

Frozen Yoghurt - Finally!!...

Frozen Yoghurt - Finally!!...

Hey everyone  

I've been on a complete American kick lately - even more so than usual!- and finally I got to experience a classic American treat - Frozen Yoghurt!! 

You honestly don't know how long I have been craving frozen yoghurt, salivating over pictures of pinkberry's on tumblr, frantically googling frozen yoghurt bars in England. Anyway last week, I was googling away and found Chillberries - imagine my delight when I realised that it was a frozen yoghurt bar only in Knutsford! (Last weeks trip to Knutsford with Ma may or may not have been one of the contributing factors as to why we went there!) 

So, we found the store - Oh my actual gosh I have never seen a shop that was decorated with such a clear identity - it was awesome! 
How cute?!

Let, me tell you I had such a hard time deciding what flavour combination to get - after all my first frozen yoghurt was a momentous occasion! Do I go for natural yoghurt and fruit to be healthy or complete chocoholic with choccie youghurt, buttons and brownies?!

Eventually I choose - I went with natural yoghurt, pineapple, brownie pieces and gummi bears (I'm a sucker for gummi treats!)

So exciting!

It took all my will-power to wait and take this picture before digging in!

It was so yummy!

It was seriously amazing but sadly it was gone too soon :( I can't wait to go back, this time I'm going to take the bf - I'm sure he'll love it!

Are any of you as addicted to frozen yoghurt as I'm sure I will be by the end of summer?! What are you're fave frozen yoghurt combinations recommendations?

aHm xoxo



Hey everyone 
It's MWIP time - my apologies if most of my pictures this week are of revision-related things; for the next three weeks revision is my life - not particularly fun but necessary :(

With revision comes revision snack food. I popped out on Monday to pick up some yummies to keep me going: Popchips (these are my new faves! Anyone else love them?), Ben & Jerry's cookie ice-cream sandwiches and some frozen yoghurt :)

I put my hair in a ballerina bun on Thursday and that night when I took it out I had dreadlocks. Not a look I will be keeping methinks.

I took the bf to my uni for the first time this week - luckily it was a beautiful day and we had an awesome time just wandering round the grounds. I feel so lucky to be studying in such a gorgeous place.

Because I'm a makeup addict I had to buy a new foundation despite the fact I really don't need one.On the plus side this foundation is really quite lovely :)

It's things like this list that makes me glad I don't drink. All those side effects - no thank you.

I was feeling nostalgic for crew - thank you Back to the 80s for introducing me to this song - love it #sorryimnotsorry

My revision set up. Tumbler - check. Snack - check. Colour coordination - check. :)

Why is it that one hand's nails always look so much nicer than the other? Is it just me who has this problem?

I've come to the conclusion that diagram drawing really isn't my strong point.

I went a little OTT with my frozen yoghurt buying - I'm trying to find out which brand/flavour I like best. (More on this subject later on this week!) Are any of you frozen yoghurt fans?

Hope you all had a lovely week or at least one that was far less stressful than mine!
aHm xoxo

P.S. I am so annoyed at myself right now! I've just been getting ready to start writing my April photo-a-day post and I've deleted every picture set (fail at technology right here) - that'll teach me not to keep multiple copies! I'm so upset because I managed to do really well this month and only missed out like 2 days. So there will be no photo-a-day post this month :( Ah well, here's to next month instead.



Hey everyone  
Thankfully I've only had to go a week without my laptop - but I can't believe how much I've missed blogging - it's mad! Anyways, here MWIP for last week :) 

I finally finally found some Sperry-ish boat shoes! I've been searching for some for ages and I love the navy, white and red for summer. Plus they were 20% off! I love them so much! :)

I may have spent a couple of afternoons lazing around the house in my jodhs #don'tjudge

I also picked up a new bag (because I really needed another to add to my already ridiculous collection #sarcasm). It's such a sweet pastel baby pink with lime edges (so preppy!) I think I might make a monogram and put that in the front of it :)

I accidentally colour coordinated my outfit when I was going down to the horses the other morning 

I found a jagermeister bottle that had been made into a clock - cool :)

Ma & I played a game of 'hide the toilet paper' - I won. This being on top of my mum's wardrobe. We are sad, I know :P

We had some beautiful sunsets this week :)

I bought the bf a new top from my local saddlery to reward and inspire him to help me with the horses more often #totallynotbribery :P

I may or may not have spent an afternoon completely re-organising my make-up collection when I should have been revising #oops #sorryimnotsorry But doesn't it look pretty now?!

Boots 3 for 2 offer last week just about killed me. I bought 3 Barry M nail polishes because I felt like my collection needed an injection of pastel for spring. I got Blue Moon, Lemon & Mint Green (side note: how have I managed without a mint green in my collection for so long?!). Then 3 Maybelline Colour Tattoo Gel-Cream Eye Shadows in Immortal Charcoal, On and On Bronze & Permanent Taupe - I was looking for an alternative to Stila smudge pots/ MAC paint pots and had heard great things about these - I have to say they are lovely and they certainly last a long time - love :)

I finally had chance to wear this beautiful cerise pink shirt from Primarni when I went out for dinner with my dad this week. I'm not usually one for bright colours but I just love how this shirt looks with my skin tone and hair colour.

Hard core revision for my exam has started - meh. (Side note: how crazy is it that I have to learn all of these reference values - and this is only for one biomedical test I have to study!)

Hope you week was full of awesomeness :)
aHm xoxo
P.S. I just want to apologise in advance if I don't post much more than my weekly MWIP & Top Five Tuesday for the next three weeks - I have 5 uni exams to revise for and my pony is still poorly, etc., etc.; things are pretty crazy in my life now so, despite how much I don't want it to,   blogging may have to sadly take a back seat.



Hey everyone 

It's MWIP time again...

I may or may not have spent a whole afternoon reorganising my iTunes - they are all rated and have album covers now so my OCD is satisfied haha

Having this as part of my collage directly above my desk is making me crave summer - those cloudy lemonade ice lollies are beaut! (side note: how can that picture have been taken over a year ago now - it seems like it was only yesterday?!)

I was feeling all American #sorryimnotsorry

Odd picture, I know, but have you ever tried to re-fill a bean bag with the polystyrene beans? I don't recommend it - the beans went everywhere.

The bf bought some Kinder Eggs for us to share and then proceeded to get over excited with the 'surprises' that came inside them. He may or may not have spent 15 minutes playing with a toy car that was inside one of them #sadIknow

I was browsing the Ben and Jerry's site (I wanted to see what different flavours there were in the US compared to here - is it just me or does Late Night Snack sound incredible?!) and found that they have a calender - immediately downloaded it and set it as my desktop background - I'm just that cool :P

When I was younger I spent ages teaching my pony some tricks; one of which being to pick up a bucket with his teeth and bring it to me - apparently he hasn't lost this skill because this morning when he decided to try and steal my other pony's bucket of food - gotta love him :)

I went to Lush again - damage was done #sorryI'mnotsorry

The bf surprised me with a new Yankee Candle (how thoughtful?! I think he loves them just as much as I do!) in Bahama Breeze - apparently "There's cool summer refreshment in this tropical blend of pineapple, grapefruit and mango." - all I can say is that it sure does smell yummy and fruity :)

I was bad. McDonald's was had. #sorryimnotsorry

My pony was naughty again. I was carrying hay across the field for my horses and this one decided to be walk alongside me and occasionally steal a cheeky mouthful - he's just too funny and cute!

Hope you had a great week :)

aHm xoxo

Top Five Tuesday: Hair Products I Can't Live Without

Top Five Tuesday: Hair Products I Can't Live Without

Hey everyone

I'm linking up with Rachel from @JustPeachy  as per, for the Hair Products I Can't Live Without this week :)


As you can tell, I have been blessed with ridiculously curly hair but only in the last couple of years have I decided to fully embrace my natural curly-top state and quite killing my hair with my beloved GHDs. 

Luckily this means that I really don't have to do much to my hair to make it look presentable (yay! no more spending an hour burning straightening my hair every night :D ) and this means that the few products/things that I use to tame my curls are absolutely non-negotiable - I must have them otherwise I risk looking like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards #justsayin! 

So anyways, here we go, my top five...

1) John Frieda Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Shampoo - seriously this is hands down the best shampoo for my hair (that I've found anyways). It completely cuts out the natural frizz that comes with having curly hair and it smells amazing!

2) John Frieda Frizz-Ease Miraculous Recovery Strengthening Creme Masque (whatta mouthful!) - I use this as my conditioner because I've found that it really helps to strengthen my hair (I desperately need this as when I get stressed out my hair decides to fall out - not good.) and it makes my curls super springy :)

3) Water - seriously never underestimate the power of water. You can give me all the curl rejuvinating products in the world but nothing (in my opinion) beats water. I use a water sprayer every morning to wake up my curls and make them all nice and springy after I've been lying on them whilst asleep. Plus using water means that I avoid that horrible crunchy curl that some curling products make #yuck 

 4) Hair elastics - for when my hair is being stroppy and only a ponytail/bun will do. I always have multiple elastics about my person (in my pencil case, in my bag, in my labcoat pocket, round my wrist) because of all the lab work I do on my course :)

5) Wide Tooth Comb - Because I have crazy curly hair I can't really brush my hair when it's dry because this makes my hair go crazy - think a cross between Hermione in HP1 & Hagrid (yes, it's really that bad). So this means that I only comb my hair when it's wet (this isn't as gross as it sounds I promise because I do wash my hair at least once every couple of days, every day in the summer) and a wide tooth comb helps me to do this as painlessly as possible. I tried using a Tangle Teezer for a while - let's just say, never again (it hurt like crazy! I think my hair was just too curly for it :S)

Side note: I wasn't sponsored in any way by John Frieda do include these products - I really do just love them! I may or may not have another 6 products from this line, all bought with my own money :S

What are the hair products that you can't live without?
aHm xoxo