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Top Five Tuesday: Things I'm Excited About For Spring

Hey everyone
It's Tuesday so I'm linking up with Rachel from @JustPeachy for the things I'm excited about for Spring. 

Here in the UK we're having a mini-heatwave - its awesome! It's been about 19 °C every day this week - it's practically summer! K, C, G and I were even doing a spot of sunbathing between our lecture and labs today - it was beautiful; we all said how lucky we were to be at such a picturesque uni in the country :) 

Sufficient to say that I am fully embracing Spring at the moment so this 'Top Five Tuesday' couldn't be more appropriate this week, here goes...

1) Bright nail polishes - I may or may not have been saving some new nail polishes for Spring so I am super excited to wear them now :) 
This is my latest purchase - Westbourne Grove from nails inc. (side note: they package their stuff really cute-ly!) - it's a super-bright orange - I love it! Next on my list is Ladbroke - an amazing neon green!

2) Espadrilles
How cute are these from Office?! I love the variation of espadrilles there is this year compared to just the plain coloured ones that were around last year :)

3) Lazy afternoons in the garden
My fave way to spend spring afternoons - outside with a good book and an iced mocha :)

4) Sunnies - I'm a sucker for sunglasses; I may or may not have multiple pairs in my handbag, college bag and car so I always have some about my person. 
These Nico TF 1 sunnies from Tom Ford will be mine by the time summer rolls around :)

5) Iced Drinks - any excuse to use my new tumbler :P
Raspberry Iced Tea - my summer staple and spring is as good as summer, right? :)

aHm xoxo


  1. we also had a mini heat wave here in america last week and it was awesome too. sort of a summer sneak peak, gosh can't wait for summer time.

    your top 5 could easily have been mine! haha

  2. Me neither - I'm on a summer countdown already :P Haha, awesome! Thanks for commenting :)

  3. I love bright nail polish and when its finally warm enough to get an iced drink from Starbucks without receiving funny looks! Love your list. xo

    1. I am one of those people who order iced drinks even in the winter! Thank you :)

  4. We've been having a heat wave here in Chicago too, it's so strange. And I agree, spring to me means I finally get to drink iced coffee again!


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