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Top Five Tuesday: Restaurants

Hey everyone  

Today I'm linking up with Rachel @ Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday: Restaurants! Seriously, this was so difficult because with the bf training to be a chef we end up staying in a lot for meals   (with him cooking because I'm not allowed near the oven/hob - but that's a story for another time!) rather than going out on dates to restaurants - but hey, I'm not complaining! So, here's my fave restaurants (using this term loosely)...

1) Frankie & Benny's: I never used to be a fan of this chain of restaurants but one opened in my town just before Christmas and I can now say that I absolutely love it! It's become the go-to place for me and the vintage besties to go when we are all back from uni. I love how everything ties into the American/Italian theme  - the seating, how the waiters use those mahussive trays, the music (don't even get me started on the music - I may or may not end up bopping along throughout every meal there!). My faves are definitely the bruschetta, the chicken Caesar wrap and the brownies - beaut!  

2) Casa Victor, La Manga Club, Spain: This is literally my most favourite of all my favourite restaurants. If I had only one meal left on Earth this is where I would go. I have eaten at this restaurant so many times the owners and staff are practically like family now, it's lovely, they are so friendly and welcome to everyone! It;s perfect for families, group or couples, in my opinion anyway :P The restaurant decor and food is classically Mediterranean, the fish is apparently delish (you will have to take Ma's word for it here because I am not a big fish fan myself). My ultimate favourites are the spinach gratin - amazing-, the Stroganoff - half chips/half rice, no onions - I'm picky -  and the chocolate mousse - seriously the yummiest mousse ever!!

3) Subway: Firstly, you could argue that Subway isn't a restaurant but it sort of is - you can eat in, right?! Now, I've only had one subway in my life time - basically because the one nearest to me is not very pleasant and it's always crazy busy, full of chavs, etc. But having said that the one subway I had was delicious, admittedly I'm sure there are better deli's out there but for a quick deli sarnie I love subway. My order: Chicken and Bacon Ranch (I'm a sucker for anything Ranch) Melt with extra cheese, BBQ sauce and salad :)

4) Gusto's: Classic Italian Restaurant (Warning: watch how the bill is totting up, it's quite pricey!), lovely for a special date :) I always have a tough time deciding between the garlic pizza bread with rosemary and sea salt and the dough petals with garlic butter - both so yummy! The Italian burger with mozzarella and pesto is amazing!

5) Taco Bell: Yes, I know this is definitely fast food and not a restaurant but Taco Bell has just relaunched in the UK and I am super excited to go try it out so I felt like I had to include it! I'm totally at a loss for what to order though, any recommendations?

What are your fave restaurants? 
aHm xoxo