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Top Five Tuesday: Books...

Hey everyone  
Seriously, Rachel @Just Peachy has made it so difficult this week to just pick five!! Books are my passion, I read anything and everything so picking just five to share with you has been super difficult....

1) Harry Potter by JK Rowling - I was a huge fan of these books from the very start and I can definitely say that they were my favourite books from my childhood. Having said that I find that I can still read them now and can honestly say that I'm astounded at how Rowling was able to write so well for both kids and adults in one book- amazing! I love everything about these books, the plot is so cleverly written, the settings are so believable and the character - well, we became great friends. I may or may not have made Nam go to the midnight release of the last book to pick it up for me (despite having pre-ordered it) because I was on holiday and then made her ring me up and tell me the last line - I spent the last 3 days of the holiday desperately trying to figure out what it could mean. As soon as I got back from my holiday ( at 2am may I add)  I started reading the Deathly Hallows - I finished it in 5 hours #oops #dedicated

2) Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult - this was the book that introduced me to Jodi Picoult - I'm so glad that it did! I love these because books they discuss real and contemporary issues in an easy manner, for example this one is about a guy on death row who wants to donate his heart - it's such an amazing book; I literally felt so connected to Shay that I cried at the end. For me, JP books are the perfect break from chick flicks :)

3) The Au Pairs Series by Melissa de la Cruz - These books began my obsession with The Hamptons. They are classic summer beachy chick-flicks but I have such a weakness for them! I love all the different characters and watching them change throughout the series; quick, easy reading of a fab story :)

4) Amy & Roger's Epic Detour - I picked up this book on a whim last summer, mainly because the cover art is so incredibly awesome! But the story has become one of my absolute favourites - I love the journey both literally and as characters that the plot depicts. A definite summer read - I may or may not have read it about 4 times last summer, haha! Recommend for sure :)
5) Before I die by Jenny Downham - this is one of those books that I think that everyone should read. It's a heart-wrenching story about a girl battling cancer in the last few months of her life. I first read this on holiday and immediately passed it to Ma so she could read it too - we both cried. I can't say that I have read this book multiple times like I have with the others in my top 5 but I still keep it for when I need to have some perspective in my life. 

Honorable mentions:

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Any book by Jodi Picoult - they are all awesomely thought provoking.

The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald - it's a classic for a reason!

The 'Moving' series by Kate Cann - I'm not really sure what it is about this book that I like so much - it's a pretty standard series about self-discovery and maturing through life's experiences - but there's something about it that makes me keep re-reading it.

What are your fave books? Which ones do you keep coming back to?
aHm xoxo