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My Saturday Night...

This week my Nam & G were cleaning their loft out and they found their old cini-slides machine and all their old slides - there were loads of vintage photos of my mum's side of my family. So they thought it'd be fun to have a showing of them all with Ma and I this Saturday - it was so funny to see Ma's as a teenager, how Nam & G looked backed then and just what times were like before I was even thought about!

There's something about vintage film and photography that interests me so much, does anyone else feel like that? 

Anyway, here's some shots of the night...

Our film night set up, complete with projector and screen - how cute?!

Our projector - how awesomely vintage?! It was apparently a state-of-the-art Prinz Concord 300.

I was feeling a bit arty - the first reel in the machine - I love the way the light is in this one.

I couldn't resist taking this - £2.35 for a camera - those were the days!

Again, I was feeling arty - I decided to empty a reel out to make sure that all the slides were in the right way and I just thought they looked so cool all tumbled out on the floor.

This was me re-organising the reels - what a way to spend my Saturday night? I loved it really!

 I was amazed at how clear and cute some of the slides looked without the projector - tres vintage.

I simply could not believe that this was my G!! I think it could be an album cover for some sort of folk singer type artist! Very artistic I feel anyway.

Are you a fan of vintage film/photography?