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Hey everyone 

First off, my apologies for not blogging in a while (don't know if you noticed?! *shrugs*) but these past two weeks before the easter break have been crazy! Last week I had a test (it went terribly - meh), I had a lab report due on Monday, I've got an interview and a presentation tomorrow and a case report due Friday - it's ridiculous how they decide to just lump all this work on us all at the same time - not a happy bunny.

Anyways - that's why there was no MWIP last week so here's a cumulation of this week's and last week's pics....
I have the curse of always being early to everything - one morning last week I was the first person in the lecture theatre - very eerie.

The bf decided to rearrange my floor cushions for me - he's been trained so well :P

Gotta love these beautiful springy days we've been having recently :)

The curse of the lab report. My life has been put on hold these two weeks to get all my work done :(

Another beautiful day - just look at that sky; and this was at half 6pm!

Ma and I ate dinner outside for the first time this year :)

The drink of my summer is always Raspberry Iced Tea and Costa definitely do it best :)

I was feeling bright; neon nails, neon highlighter, neon jumper #andwhat

K found my name in C's book - correct spelling and everything. I hadn't realised a book had been written about my affairs - haha! :)

Hope you all had a fab week and are enjoying spring now that it has finally sprung :)

aHm xoxo