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It's MWIP time again :)
Whilst working in the library the other day I realised that I am way to colour co-ordinated: Pink, green and white background, pink and green highlighters and pens, green folder...it's tragic really.

Ma bought me a new thermos cup - in love!

Even after 5 months I still can't get over how pretty my uni is.

Last week I decided to cut carbs out of my life - to be honest tuna, mayo, cucumber and cheese is quite nice without the bread; well that's what I'm trying to convince myself anyway.

I've become completely addicted to spearmint softmints - beaut!

Costa trip with the bf - yum!

I have come to the conclusion that I seriously can't draw scientific diagrams to save my life.

I love online shopping! New make up && my new tumbler!! I have been looking for one of these cups for ages and I finally found one on amazon - cannot wait to fill it with iced tea in the summer!

I broke down and googled the set list for Mcfly's 'keep calm and play louder' tour and it looks AMAZING!!! I literally cannot wait for Sunday when I go see them! I YT'd the new songs and they sound beyond awesome. 
So far Touch the Rain is my fave....

Thanks to @charlie4dougie on YT for uploading this :)

Are any of you Mcfly fans? Hope your week was awesome :)


  1. Love the colour coding and thermos - you should be an honorary American! :) Good luck with the no carbs - I tried it last week - not no carbs, just none at night - it really worked but by the end of POOPED and woke up with bad shakes. Be careful!:)

    1. Haha, that's one of the sweetest things anyone has said to me - 'honorary American' - love it! Thank you, it's tough but it's gonna be worth it :)

  2. Also trying no carbs--it's hard , but I keep thinking of the end result :) I also have a question ...I saw a picture on your tumblr featuring your watch(i believe) nd this beautiful sliver and blue bracelet, and I just wanted to know what its called. Because I was gifted 2 of the same a few days ago. And I've also been seeing them around a lot.

    1. Same - it's all gonna be worth it in the end! My bracelet is a Shamballa Buddhist-inspired bracelet. I got mine a while ago when I first became interested in Buddhism but you can find them everywhere now, hope this helps :)


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