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Hey everyone 

It's that time of week again...

I picked up the bf's iPod instead of mine and found this as the lock screen - how sweet of him?!

My life has got to epically sad proportions - three of my top eight most visited sites are to do with microbio #bleh

I had another Yankee Candle splurge this week - haul up soon!

The UK equivalent of Flipz - have to say that these aren't half bad!

I came to the conclusion that I am a bit of a twitter addict. When I was writing my research notes of Case Studies I found myself hash-tagging - not good.

First light of a new Yankee Candle. River Valley for spring - it smells so clean and lovely! To be honest I'm just glad the Winter Wonderland one eventually ran out - they seriously burn for ages! Great value for money but not so great when you want to try and try out a few different ones.

This made me laugh: I was going through a genetics test and read this - I was unaware that you could 'tick X' - how confusing?!

The bf wanted to play a board game this weekend so we decided on Monopoly. It was so nice to just shut ourselves off from technology for a coupe of hours and have a giggle with a vintage game :)

Today I was apparently feeling like channelling my inner lumberjack with this shirt #idon'tknow

Hope you all had a fab week :)
aHm xoxo